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Picked up wife's new bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cougs, Mar 15, 2014.

  1. So the day had come....Tan's old VT400 had made way for its big sister the 750C. With deposit already plonked, helmet in car and wallet filled, Tan and I headed up the Hwy to suburban Mentone to pick up her new steed.

    Whilst I was signing paperwork and watching old mate count the pile of pineapples and grey nurses I had just laid on the table, Tan was basking in the pearl white reflected glory of her new steed whilst consoling the now regretful former owner and assuring her that "Sally" would be well looked after and ridden well.

    At departure time a quip from Tan that she was guaranteed to stall it went not only unfulfilled but quickly buried in the distant memory of a first time on a new bike mixed with plenty of v-twin exhaust note. A quick handshake and promise to nod to 'ol mate sometime on the road and I was into the car and following...

    ....or so I thought. 'I'll be able get a couple of good shots of Tan riding' I thought, 'after all - once we hit the FWY I should be able to operate both camera and Ford briefly without causing a Blues Brothers scale pile up...'

    Good in theory but in practice, despite my best V8 Supercar impressions and having given the Focus plenty of jandal I could not even sight the pink jacketed white Shadow rider anywhere over the next 30mins, let alone actually get close enough for a photo! Let's hope we don't get any holiday snaps in the mail courtesy or Snr Sgt Richie!

    "I love it, so easy to ride, lower seat and really smooth" was the initial feedback once home

    Looks like our social Sunday cruises down the peninsula may now be a bit more spirited - it's only a matter of time before Sally pokes her nose up the inside of a fast uphill left hander I reckon - and I wouldn't have it any other way....

    Ride Hard or Stay Home

    2007 Honda Shadow VT750C
    1926km on odo on pickup
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  2. That will be me one day,
    but for now I love my Vt400 :)
    Enjoy the new Bike
  3. Amazing. I've yet to find a woman with a good attitude myself. Probably because I'm so good looking they hate me immediately.
  4. A nice story with a happy ending, that's what I needed on this gloomy day with the bike in the shed and me digging holes in the front yard.
  5. Nice story @cougs@cougs , I remember when my wife picked up her vstrom. I was on my cruiser, and had to work to keep up with her. Hope she continues to enjoy it as much as mine does.
  6. Good bikes, VT750Cs. Hope you both enjoy it for a long time.