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Picked up the VTR250 today!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by aero_nz, Oct 25, 2008.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Picked up my new baby today, 07 Honda VTR250, rode her 20km home, and then took her for another ride this arvo, loving being on two wheels, learning quickly! Im looking forward to meeting some of you at the Learner Rides!

    Anyway enough talk, here she is;

    edit:: The important part - Thanks to everyone on Netrider, especially those who gave me advice, and took the time to give tips on VTR's etc. This network is a great resource especially to us newbies, thanks again!
  2. Nice bike!!!!How much for the lounge? :LOL:
  3. Nice !
    Congrats too !
    I'm guessing the sofa is there so as you and your mates can drool over the VTR over a few coldies? :p
  4. I'm gunna start the bidding on the lounge $5.
  5. So, the lounge is in the garden so you can sit on the bike and watch tv. Am I right?
  6. HAHA thanks, as VCM said, there for drooling purposes....

    Seriously though we move the TV/Stereo Outside, and set up a chilly bin - sorry kiwi error we set up the Eskie outside for parties etc.
  7. You mean a Chully Bun right?
  8. Congrats!! Very nice looking little bike.
  9. Fark the bike look at the lounge!!!!!
  10. Yup u got it!

    Thanks everyone I am STOKED!!!! Cant wait for tomorrow, Im gunna go for a bit of a longer cruise tomorrow!
  11. Sweet bike.

    Doesn't the 07 model have Black forks and wheels though?

    Awesome bike nonetheless.
  12. Congrats. I've got the same (color and yr) but you've gotta get rid of that pipe pronto. Megacycle exhaust = get one.

    Have fun :)
  13. Mine is the last of the 06 bikes it was delivered in Dec but wasn't registered till 07 hence it is an 07 technically. I believe the black wheels started half way through 07? not sure anyway they are all the same, just colour different ;)

    I Adore Vic - Are the Megacycle exhausts nice? How much? Are they easy to install? Im an engineer, but I don't have any tools here yet. I miss my NZ tool kit!
  14. Think you'll find it's an '06.

    Anyway congrats and enjoy!
  15. that looks great! i'm gonna go polish the bike as mines not that shiny anymore :D
  16. Very nice bike...
    Congrats on the new acquisition!

    Keep it shiny!