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Picked Up the R6 this morning :D

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Breno, Jul 22, 2006.

  1. after all this waiting i finally have it. theres a brand new 2006 R6 sitting in my garage right now ^.^ im stoked.

    got 103kays on it already, had to ride from geelong to mlbourne then back to werribee today and it was a blast. ill edit this post in the morning as im heaps tired (just got home from work)
    got some pics to post too.

  2. Did you get the Rossi version, saw it yesterday and it look so trick. Congratulations on your new bike.

    Oops should have read your profile "black" niceeeeee
  3. i get mine this morning too , have fun all day dude! i haven riden a manuel bike for so long , damn scooter and now no one can tease me!
  4. i havnt seen the new rossi r6
    please please show us some pics :grin:
  5. So Breno, you coming out to Broadford on Sunday??
  6. If it is brand new, dont thrash it until the engine gets "ridden in".
  7. ooo no no no vic. not yet. got to get used to her. and no track days for me yet. the rossi version is the '05 model. there is still a few around. gone for a little spin this morning, its such a nice ride. its real timid untill you yank it a bit, which i havent done as the tyres are still slippery and only done 100kays. the ride is quite comfortable, towards the end of the 20minute journey to work my wrists start hurting but thats because they are not used having the weight on them, was the same when i first started riding. just uploading the pictures now.
  8. L plates and P plates on an R6???
  9. just a P plate. im only 20 so still on my P's but im off my restrictions.

    EDIT: any one got any good tips as to how to remove those warning stickers on the tank? half of it is in egyptian or something. so no point keeping it there.
  10. Cool! (that wasn't a criticism, incidentally, just that with so many different laws in different states you never know what's going on!)

    Enjoy the 17,000 rpm when she's run in ......
  11. I have heard if you do remove those stickers bye bye warranty. i could be wrong but just leave them there. If i was going to change anything on the black beast i would seriously consider doing something about the rear fender..other than that they are a very sweet looking bike. Congrats on the new rocket, and take care out there..
  12. Removing stickers won't void warranties.

    If they tried crap like that one would simply claim the sticker fell off after parking the bike in the sun and claim for a new sticker under warranty.
  13. i have a few plans for it, i want red brake lines cause they look hot, new can, oggy knobs and of course fender eliminator. it looks like a space ship hangiong off the back, but my only problem is with getting an eliminator is now where to put my P plate :eek:

    i tried peeling off the stickers but they are stubborn little things. will eucalyptus oil damage my paint?
  14. I didn't think you needed to keep P plates on your bike if you have finished your restrictions but you still have a probationary drivers licence :?: :!: :?:
  15. you do if you havent completed your P's in a car. i only have my car L's.
  16. Hey Breno

    I have used Plexus the plastic cleaner, to get rid of any stickers and such. It seams to work well. Its for shining up your bike.

    Not sure about eucalyptus, I know it works on lacqured objects, but I dont want to give you bad advice. Maybe try it in a dilute version first.

  17. Whoops!
    Didn't keep my Ps on when i finished my restrictions even though i hadn't finished my car P licence. :oops:

    Lucky i didn't get caught then.

    Congrats on the bike purchase, looks hawt!!!