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Picked up the 109

Discussion in 'Cruisers' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Mahaged to nick off early from work and pick up the 109 today.
    And of course it had an empty tank, and it started to rain just as I got handed the key.
    Dealer Principal asked his guys to fill the tank, but excuses excuses etc from them.
    Servo is around the corner, so just went around the block, in the rain, and filled it up, then went home.
    Bike has 6kms on it now LOL.

    Rain should stop soon, so off to cruise around a bit and wear off those rotten lines on the tyres.

    First impressions - I am gunna like this a lot more than the police will!.

    Just gentle acceleration sees 80 come up v quickly!.
    The first roundabout was tricky too, as it is a 20kmh roundabout at the best of times.

    Off to enjoy!!
    Have already booked in the1000klm svc.
  2. Great stuff Pete.. Enjoy the new bike and stay safe.. :grin:
  3. Congrats Pete . :grin:
  4. Hey, its only 8pm, raining, and I have 50 kms on it now!
  5. I was going to say "have fun" but seems a pointless statement: I can see you already have that sorted despite the weather :grin: :grin:
    No worries there: does not rain much anymore, so fine days real soon for enjoying the new beast :)
  6. Will have to post some pics - very little chicken strips now, spent the day playing in the Dandenongs.

    At this rate, I will have to book it in Tuesday for the first service!
  7. Congrats Peter, you'll enjoy this beast...any pics???
  8. I have pics, but seriously, it is just another std black M109!
  9. i had a squizz at a 109 in my local toy shop yesterday.
    new school machine that.
  10. So hows the M109 going Pete ?

    Should we be expecting one of your great write ups with another 4000k journey coming soon ?? :grin:

  11. The bike now has 4100 klm on it now, and is loosening up fine. Cant argue with that, as I have only had it 2 months.

    I am getting my knees rebuilt in Feb, and have planned as part of my recovery, a 5 or 6000 klm ride, just to get out there you see. Reckon I can get to townsville, across the centre, and back in about 8 days.

    Of course, I will have to make sure i am up to it, But cant see why not.

    My original plan to do no mods has been shelved.
    Only a JSD unit, ventura rack, and the Starcom unit so far, but I have plans.

    Air horns, exhaust, pod intakes, realistic flames, Power commander should just about do it.
  12. Gettin your knees rebuilt ... you going for the optional upgrade package ???
    Bolt on teflon blocks to stop your jeans wearing out around those corners :LOL:

    Townsville sounds like an excellent plan for a road trip ... how many kms you getting to a tank ??
    The M50 feels like it could do close to 300 ...

  13. Going for the package that lets me walk without issues! Had a large accident some 23 yrs ago, when I tested out the underside of a semi whilst in a prone position. few legacy issues.

    I get about 230 - 250 klms from a tank, but only add 15-16 l then, in a 19 l tank.
    Definitely depends on the right hand use. Have had less than 180 when going hard. On prev trips on the M50, 200 saw out the useful part of the tank. Wouldn't have liked to go much further on each tank.