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Picked up my wifes new bike, then dropped it...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by adge82, Aug 13, 2006.

  1. Dammit dammit dammit.

    Heres the story.

    Purchased a new (to her) fzr250 on saturday for my wife.
    Went to pick it up and the bike is really nice. Little bit of fairing damage but the engine and gearbox are soooo damn tidy its rediculous.

    The bike has what apear to be almost new tyres on it, however it has been sitting in a shed for two and a half years.
    I should have had a think about this.

    So i ride the bike nice and easy all the way home, great brakes, great motor (needed an oil change and filter. Now done), new chain 'n' sprockets. All up tidy bike.
    I get to my front door and decide its such a nice day that im not done yet.

    I had planned to just go round the block a couple of times.
    Got to the first turn which is a downhill off camber slowish roundabout that i was going to turn right at.
    I check the traffic as im slowing, cars all stopped. Brilliant.
    Get speed right before the corner, no brake, just on the throttle lightly, turn in, head up looking through the corner when i feel that sort of no-mans land in terms sideways movement.

    Front just let go, i wasnt really even leaned over.....

    I checked the road, dry. perfect. I looked at the tyres on the bike and theyre shiny and dry looking. Bugger.

    So i should have picked this up before i even got on the bike, luckily there is almost no damage to the bike. It has a bit of scratching on the muffler and the engine cover. The front brake lever snapped at the ball end, still useable no worries but needs to be replaced.

    Me, im ok, a touch sore, but its only muscle soreness.
    My gear saved some skin for sure.
    Draggins, oxtar boots, RMgear leather jacket, dri-rider gloves. All showing slight scuffs but no tears. Im perfect, not a bruise, not a scratch.

    Still kicking myself, i feel a little sheepish riding my bike as well. Im sure ill get over it, but i have been a touch apprehensive to tip it into right handers.

    Ah well, lesson learned. Your equipment must be right. No exceptions. Tyres are king.

  2. you silly boy :(
    glad you are ok, and lesson learnt without too much damage :)
  3. Unlucky mate or lucky depends on how ya look at it.

    Did the missues give you a raggin for it?
  4. Don't you just hate old tyres??

    Anyone about to pick up an older bike, please take note.....
  5. [img:312:223:defd7f2ec8]http://www.uploadthis.co.uk/uploads/Ktulu/nrlogofall.gif[/img:defd7f2ec8]
  6. hehehe, wife was ok, but said
    "i just cant have anything nice can i?"
  7. Bad luck with the drop. Good to see your gear protected you. Did you also wear the gear when you told the wife? :grin:
  8. until you walk in your door and mrs. adge82 knows about the off :LOL: :oops: :LOL:
  9. Exactly, tread depth means nothing if the tyres have hardened and gone bad. Im feel a bit silly for not realising this sooner.

    I am glad i didnt give it to Dee and have her do the same thing. She may have given riding away before it had really began.
  10. Sorry to hear that...

    nOOb question... how to tell if the tyre is old or new?
  11. If you brought it from a dealer , they would have used "pro shine" and they might have got it on to the tyres , make them very slippery around corners
  12. Sorry to hear about the bike goign down .. but glad your OK and it was nothing worse.

    Ye olde fingernail and heat test ... push your fingernail into the rubber tread, it should be slightly spongy and flex a small amount as you do - not hard. Also, rub a small section of the tyre vigourously with a thick cloth - it should start to heat up when you put you palm on that spot.
  13. Sorry for the drop.

    Now I know one thing about tyres.
  14. Take her shopping for new bike gear. :LOL:

    Sorry to hear about the drop.
  15. You're right though, in a way better for it to happen to you than to her, in terms of confidence and so on. Sorry it had to happen, but not a dreadful outcome in th end - and thanks for sharing the lesson here.
  16. i never would of thought about that when buying second hand.. thanks for the tip.. sorry i t was you who had the leeson though :(
  17. I scraped a footpeg around a corner on my GF's ~400km old 250 Virago.

    Now I am not allowed to ride it! And she looks hurt everytime it gets mentioned.


    Glad to hear there was no damage except to pride.