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Picked up my New Bike! :)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cbwolf, Jul 27, 2008.

  1. Just wanted to make a thread about my new bike!

    I baught it from Peter Stevens in Dandenong - brand new Hyosung GT650R. Now i know i know, it's a Hyosung - but after test riding all their available and legal bikes (i'm on restrictions) it was the one i liked the most.

    So, new bike in two tone (black/silver), new gear (AGV Stealth helmet, A* GP gloves, A* SMX4 boots), 5 year/unlimited km warranty - all done :D

    So, how is it? It rides pretty well, has heaps more go then my old CBR250RR, so much more torque down low it's a joke and sounds half decent even with the stock can (Aftermarket already ordered).

    Issues? The braking is a little less then awe inspiring, however, a set of braided lines and sintered pads will fix it up, but apart from that, great bike.

    Here's a quick picture for all of you:


    Also just a quick question. I rode the bike this afternoon and it started to rain pretty heavily, when i stopped at red lights, steam would start rising from the front of the bike. Now, i figured it was probably just the water getting to hot parts and flashing to steam, but i'm not totally sure. Is this normal or should i be concerned? (First time i'v ridden in the rain btw).
  2. nice mate.hope you have lots of fun on it.
    as far as the steam issue goes,dont worry about it.all massively hi-powered cutting edge sports machines create this phenomenon when wet.

  3. But why is his Hyosung steaming?

  4. Looks nice in black and silver :)

    Other Hyo owners will probably be able to answer ths steam question, but my guess would be water on the hot header pipe at the front.
  5. The two tone looks awesome!

    Nobody told me the Hyos had a 5 year/unlimited km warranty!? Are you sure its not 2? And if you don't mind me asking how much did you end up paying to get it on the road?
  6. Normal: mine does it too :) But you are right, the stock brakes are less than spectacular. I just had mine in for warranty work (squealing front and back brakes). If they start up again I'll be replacing pads with EBC and some front braided lines.
  7. I think factory is 2yr/unlim. The extra three may come from PStevens.
  8. Yeah i get the steam aswell form my bike mate..nothing to worry about!! I bought mine in May this year (New 08 model black and red 2 tone) and have just eclipsed the 5000km mark this weekend and it is still going just like the day i bought it... only drama is squealing brakes.

    Zeddicus - Did you get this issue fixed under warranty?? I told my dealership service about it at the 1k service and they just said it was normal for these bikes?? Who is your dealer?? I have to pop it in in just over a week for the 6k service so i would like to be able to get them to sort it if its under warranty :-k

  9. The standard warranty is 2 years. I got an extended warranty from PS. So the bikes covered for the first 2 years under the factory warranty, and then the following 3 years under the PS full warranty (Not a dodgy dealer warranty), which is also transferable to any other bike i purchase in that 3 years. Good stuff.

    As far as the price i paid, i paid $9100.00 for the bike + 12 months rego + 12 months full comp insurance + tinted screen + pick-up spools. So all in all, if you take away the extras, i probably paid around the $7000.00 mark for the actual bike.
  10. My dealer is Bikebiz in Parramatta. When I booked it in I told them both front and back brakes were squealing and that there was a squeak somewhere in the front end which occured at low speed (sometimes) which was different to the brake squeal. They accepted the job under warranty and it cost me $0.

    They took the brakes apart, cleaned and de-glazed (so I'm told) and now they're much better in terms of squealing. The back still squeaks a bit though.

    I figure if it gets to the stage it was at again, I'll change over to 3rd party pads and go from there.
  11. Nice looking bike there! Congrats.
    Good thing you got that 5yr warranty, it could come in handy :p
  12. Choice Bro.!!!!!
    Looks like the new lams system is making some happy.
    And so it show says I

    Cheers and have fun,

  13. Did you get the Stainless or the CF shorty from SD? You'll have to post more pics here when you fit it. I grabbed a CF shorty from ebay this evening :)
  14. Hmmm very interesting Because that is my dealer aswell :? I will hit them up when i take it in next week for it's 6k service then.
  15. Wonderful thread! Simply wonderful!

    Although I don't generally recommend the Hyo's, you can't deny their quality is always improving... and this one definitely appears designed after a GSXR in the looks department.

    I commend your posting of a photo was is good and correct when you get a new motorcycle.

    If your riding is as good as your new-bike-thread making abilities, we look forward to seeing you in MotoGP.
  16. nice mate,i see you got the fastest colour. :cool:
    my mate had one with a staintune on it,sounded pretty good.
  17. Nice looking bike mate ! and 10 points for posting a photo.
    ( Ya just got on klutu's good side )
    Just wondering, will you be changing your username soon ( cbwolf ) :?
    Good Luck !!
    .. You really should have clocked up some wet riding experience b4 you purchased a new bike IMO. Be Careful out there :wink:
  18. :rofl:

    Looks soo much like a Gixxer, congrats on purchase champ.
  19. maybe just the red R sticker
    its a wonder Suzuki dont take them to court


    but then you can paint the front bonnet of a hyundai black, but its no Viper
  20. Good onya mate, looks good, don't worry about the 'steam' when it's wet, the majority of bikes will do that if it's p@#$$%&* down hard enough!.

    Tex & Bundy