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Picked up my "new" bike on Wednesday

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by nUt_rAt, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Picked up my upgrade from the little Intruder: a Boulevard M50. With the V&H pipes, she is really loud - especially when you give it some squirt.

    The weight (nearly 250kg) is carried low and it's amazingly stable - no wobbling off from the lights. It kind of glides.

    Did I mention that it was loud? I'm looking for some baffling solutions - maybe some Hard Kores. Anyone had any experience in trying to quieten their bike?

    Have a look on the showcase when it's up. :)

  2. U can buy cheap as generic baffles off eBay mate. Just stick them up the end and they screw in. Maybe worth a try
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  3. $60 generic baffles from an Aussie seller instead of $160AUD from the US for the Hard Kore... thanks for the tip. Now I've just got to work out what size I need.
  4. Just had a look at your Showcase pics. Very nice. I think you have tih rights to feel a bit of pride gliding away from the lights.

    Did spot one problem straight away – I think you may spend a lot of time polishing. ;-) Beautiful!
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  5. The bad news: after further investigation, these cheap eBay baffles are similar to the ones already in the V&H pipes, so there won't be any help there.

    The good news: using some Google-fu, there are some suggestions to wrap the existing baffle in either fibreglass matting or steel wool! Anyone tried either of these and what do you think of the results?

    Thanks Al_CamAl_Cam. I reckon she's a bit of a looker too, gives some incentive to polish. ;)
  6. That's an old trick for passing RWC I was going to suggest but others got in first with more "professional" solutions. Cheap method to try. You can get large packs of steel wool from hardware stores, for cleaning metal & rubbing back paint. Cleaning pots to earn brownie points or cleaning up brake & clutch pistons & callipers (carefully). Add different amounts to your pipes to fine tune your smoooooth sound. Or for the psychedelic look you could get soapy steel wool from the supermarket and blow bubbbles from your pipes.8-|

    If you blow a lot of mositure when running from cold, the steel wool can eventually rust away, which is why fibreglass is used. If you get chopped strand mat, wear gloves when handling the damned stuff. Nothing more irritating than little invisble fibres stuck in the skin really irrtating when you brush against them but impossible to see.

    Don't just stuff it up the end, it can blow out again.
  7. I'll give the steel wool a shot and let you know how it goes.
  8. Hi
    I had the same problem with the standard pipes on my C50, just too noisy to pass our WOF (NZ)
    So I found a reducer that fitted inside the pipes, then into that screwed one of those cheap Chinese baffles from Ebay, all up cost $25, they can removed at any time with only 2 screws holding them in.
    If you are looking for ideas on how to do it try looking at the exhaust parts on Trademe NZ.