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Picked up my new B-King this morning

Discussion in 'Showcase' at netrider.net.au started by Simon Lockington, May 15, 2010.

  1. Got a good deal on a run out Silver one, so traded in my GSX650F on this bad boy.

    Sure it has looks only a short sighted mother could love, but I love it's uniqueness and radical styling.

    Walked into Western Motorcycles first thing this morning, signed up and a few hours later rode out. I dealt with a bloke called Glenn who was very helpful and did me a good deal.

    The bike seemed a bit squirrelly at first, but I put that down to the tyres, it seemed to settle as the day got on.

    Put 220km on it as soon as I left the showroom, which pretty much amounted to a tank of gas.

    First impressions:
    - 1st gear seems pretty high in that I find I'm having to slip the clutch in heavy traffic more than the 650 to avoid running up the back of cars.
    - It's very comfy at high way speeds, very little buffetting. Cruising around, it just loafs along at just over 2k rpm if you want it to.
    - The unholy rush of torque when you twist the throttle in ANY gear is addictive .
    - The guy on the scooter who just about fell off while staring at the bike as he filtered past me at the lights (not game to filter this big bus just yet), the look on his face was priceless.

    Next weekend we have an overnight trip coming up, looking forward to it!

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  2. nice choice of bike, enjoy its nakedness.
  3. Awsome bike!
    Front indicator placement is different.
  4. I know a couple of blokes with these monsters, they love them, I'd have to say though that the styling is 'bitty'

    Enjoy the ride, some big trips are obviously required :).
  5. Nice bike. Those pipes make it look like it's ready to take right off!
  6. My god that thing is ugly :p
    ...In a good way of course

    Nice find
  7. I doubt you'll get many tailgaters when riding that beast - cagers will prolly think the exhausts shoot flames and shatter windshields!
  8. Awesome machine - congrats on the new toy....
  9. Don't listen to what anyone tells you - I love those pipes!!! Nice one and congrats!!
  10. most definitely agree that it is a sweet looking bike, I love the radical styling and the exhaust
  11. nice bike, love the look of em
  12. not my cup of tea, looks weird to me lol, but hey, who cares, we all riding :)
    congrats, shame u couldnt find your black 1
  13. Very nice dude.
    With a bike like that you may want to take a photo of your licence to remember it by though lol.
  14. :-O WICKED BIKE!! I LOVE the look of the B-kings, I really do! Every bike shop that has one I HAVE to sit on it lol!!

    So this coming Sunday you're on the new beast? Oh that's awesome :D :D :D
  15. Been out playing with it again today (cause you have to on a new bike don't you).

    Organised the mirrors a bit better (they are pretty shit compared to the ones on the GSXF that's for sure), put some AIR in the tires (was delivered with 10psi in the front and 20 in the back) which fixed up it's sluggish handling and squirrelyness.

    Put ANOTHER tank of gas in it (I have a feeling I'm going to get real familiar with fuel bowsers on this thing).

    Tested the throttle a couple of times, just to make sure that was working. I know think I know how Captain Kirk felt when he slapped his spaceship into Warp 9 and the relationship between space and time stretches :).

    About to take it out for a walk around Church point, give it some exercise to make sure it doesn't get any fatter than it already is :).

    Lowercase, yeah I'll bring it along on Sunday. Looking forward to it.

  16. I love the BKing's - they look awesome. EXCEPT, for the pipes. Jesus christ...can you say batmobile? Chuck some nice Akro's on it! :D
  17. Nice looking beast!
    Exhausts look like huge shotguns from rear, cagers won't mess with that.
  18. Awesome bike :> very jealous

    I dunno what it is about them but there's something... no doubt I'll end up with one in the garage eventually.

    If you want to slim it down some, this joint does some (expensive) side panels that trim 4inches... as well as other things.


  19. Nice bike. Hope u have some happy riding and enjoy the bike. :D
  20. That is one missile-launching, Harrier Jump Jet-looking mongrel.
    Mums and Dads : Lock up your children...AND the kittens :)