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Picked up my GS1100G on Saturday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by duncan_bayne, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I picked up the GS1100G on Saturday.

    My lovely wife drove up to Red Hill in the Disco to bring back the spare frame, centre-stands & kit (for my $2,000 I also got some hard luggage, pack rack, gear sack, spare frame, spare centre-stands, workshop manual).

    The bike died about a kilometer back to Melbourne. Empty tank =D> One jerry can of petrol later (again courtesy my lovely wife) and we were back in business. She rode very well - revved out happily, pulled strongly and in general was like riding an armchair. Aside from my forearms, I was as fresh 75 minutes later as I was when I got on her. She starts well & doesn't smoke, engine sounds good too.

    The listing on eBay wasn't entirely accurate - there was a bit more work needed than was mentioned. New front tyre, fork seals and flasher unit definitely, as per the listing. But the entire list looks like:

    • front tyre, fork seals and flasher unit (as per ad)
    • choke cable needs removing (aftermarket switch-block with no choke lever fitted to nice flat bars, so the choke cable's just hanging by the bar, owner added a tab to the slider on the carbs to tickle her for starting)
    • centre-stand spring missing (held up by bungy), needs either a new spring or the stand removing entirely (why fit a centre-stand to a shaftie?)
    • carbs way out of balance, probably dirty too
    • controls astoundingly heavy (compared with a mint GS at Mototecnic, they're much heavier than they should be), hence the sore forearms
    • idle speed turned way up (idles at 3K when warm!)

    I took her to Mototecnic & parked her out the back next to an array of very nice modern sports kit. She looked a bit out of place, but not down on style :)

    So I'll be hearing from the mechanic fairly soon, I hope. I've asked them to address the above issues, check the timing, give her a full service, sort the carbs, & otherwise take a nose around & see if anything else is crying out for attention.

    But I'm happy. She looks clean, pulls like a steam-train, sounds fantastic, and is every bit the grunty, comfortable tourer & commuter I was hoping for. I was afraid she'd be a bit of a handful but once you're on the move she's very nice - pushes the front a lot on the way out of corners, but otherwise nice. Reminds me a bit of a gigantic CG-125 ...
  2. My face when I read that sentence the first time ---> :shock:

    Then I re-read it and realised you were talking about the bike....8-[

    Congrats on the purchase (y)
  3. One of my colleagues said the same thing. I've edited the OP :)
  4. Do you know if your centre stand would suit a honda hornet? I have a 900 and no centre stand for the bugger, if you're goign to turf yours, can you let me know please, if I can modify it I will put it to good use, cheers :)
  5. Sounds like you got pretty good deal for $2000, my dad is currently restoring a K1100, the one that he always wanted :)
    Good luck with it
  6. Thanks - turns out I'll need it :) In addition to the list of items already needed, Mototecnic picked up the following:

    • leaking rear shocks
    • exhaust system needs binning
    • front wheel bearings
    • left-hand switch gear block needs replacing
    • pillion pegs need replacing

    So it looks like she'll cost more like $4K by the time I've had the work done - Mototecnic's estimate (very ballpark) was $1500, Piston Broke's (likewise) was ~ $2K. She's in to Piston Broke on the weekend for an hour's labour to get a detailed quote.

    Anyway, I'm currently on the lookout for GS parts so if anyone has some GS parts knocking around that they'd be prepared to part with, please fire me a PM or email me.
  7. Update on this - I've located all the parts I think I need for < $400, except for the shocks (buying new) and the fork tubes and right-hand side pillion footrest (still looking).

    I'm having them shipped to the folk at Mototecnic (from NSW) who will be doing the work.

    I'll have her back on the road yet :)

    Another update - located the pillion footrests, & the Mototecnic chaps reckon the fork tubes might not need replacing so I'm waiting with my fingers crossed. All parts are now en route, & (pending any other unpleasant discoveries) she should be roadworthy again soon.
  8. pictures or it isn't happening :LOL: :p
  9. Original condition:

  10. mm, original equipment sheep-skin seat, I see :rofl:

    looks GOOD!!
  11. Oh, for some reason I thought this was a BMW!
    Looks naaice :)
    Can't wait to see what it looks like all cleaned up!!
  12. By original I meant 'before I get started' :) Actually the original seat cover is under the sheepskin and in tolerable condition.

    My plan with her is to fix the roadworthiness and safety issues, then clean her up and modify her as finances and availability of parts permit.

    She'll be a daily commute so nothing too wild.
  13. No idea if it will suit a Hornet, and it's not in great shape ... if you're in Melbourne fire me a PM.
  14. Popped in to Mototecnic on Saturday to have a chat. Almost all of the parts have arrived, just one box of bits that wasn't shipped due to a mix-up, & which is expected in a few days.

    The exhaust system I bought is serviceable but is corroded, so I'm sending it off to be treated & coated, & having the muffler polished while I'm at it. Other than that, I'm having all the bits I've bought fitted, then they're giving her a thorough service & doing any preventative maintenance that needs doing.

    ETA to roadworthy, registered & on the road is ~ 2 - 3 weeks! =D&gt;
  15. So it's been three weeks and still no progress on the GS.

    I called Mototecnic today & spoke to Brad. It turns out that the company they sub-contracted to coat the exhaust system & polish the muffler has been ... less than brilliant.

    First, they coated it the wrong colour (silver, when I asked for black). Then, when asked to find it, they got awfully confused because they were looking for a black exhaust, not a silver one ... =D&gt;

    Brad has 'had a word' with them, & they assured Brad they'd be stripping it down & re-coating it immediately, so it should be available tomorrow (Friday). That means that, with a bit of luck, they ought to be able to start fitting the replacement parts & servicing her soon.


    I'll have photos the very day I pick her up :) Next on the list:

    • a good, long 'getting acquainted' ride
    • a 139dB air horn :)

    Edited to add: goddie, how'd you get on trying to fit that GS centre-stand to your Hornet?
  16. I just got off the phone with Mototecnic - their ETA on the GS is 'a few days'. Apparently there were a few minor SNAFUs over the last few days:

    • the previous owner had snapped off the rear brake bleed nipple (how??? the Mototecnic guys couldn't understand it either), so they had to re-tap the thread & fit a new one ](*,)
    • the air filter was so old it had partially disintegrated and been ingested by the carbs; mercifully the debris stopped there w/o entering the engine, but the carbs need a good clean
    • the clutch cable was tricky to re-route because of the aftermarket handlebars
    • the new air filter took a while to arrive
    • the switch-block (bit on the 'bars with indicator switch, starter switch, etc.) has no labelling, which may be a roadworthiness issue (but is easily & cheaply fixed with a dymo labeller)

    However, the good news is that they've completed the service (timing, oil, plugs, etc.) and report that she's in bascially good nick. In fact they're somewhat amazed she was running at all, with all the crap in the carbs.

    So they'll be calling me in a few days, at which point I can get the ball rolling on her registration :)
  17. jesus christ dude, I'm glad you rescued this thing from the previous owner. *phew*
  18. I bet it's glad too :) I didn't have the courage to ask the mechanic how long he reckoned it'd been since the last oil change 8-[
  19. I just don't understand why some of the things hadn't been picked up right at the start. Has your total bill gone up by a lot from the originally quoted $1,500? I would give them a bit of an ear full. They really have been dragging their feet.

    Update the thread once you've got her home and put a pick up!
  20. Nah - I've spoken to them a few times & they reckon the cost hasn't blown out. The main cause of the delay was the powder-coating outfit who lost the exhaust system ](*,)

    So far I'm happy, but I reserve judgement until I see the finished product (& the bill) :)

    Pics & update will definitely be forthcoming ...