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Picked up my first bike...and...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RidersGAS, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. After 3 months of wait, I finally picked up my RE GT535 this morning, yay! I had my wife following me at the back to home (which is only 15km), The whole ride was rather ok, AND...

    At one of the left turn, for some reason I was staring at a stationery car instead of turning my head to where I was going, so nearly hit it...then got to the crossover outside my house, I was very slow on first gear hitting the gutter, BAM! dropped the bike to the right onto the nature strip...snapped the hero pin (I think that's what it's called?)...then used all my strength to pushed up the 180kg and rolled it to my carport while I was filled with adrenaline...pulled the gloves off to check out the scratches on the exhaust...and burnt the shit out of a finger...finally sat down looking at it and lit a ciggi while my body was trembling...BUT I was still smiling, what's wrong with me? :)

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  2. Welcome Gas,
    I hope the new shiny bike isn't too messed up after your first day out.
    If you read through the welcome thread you'll see it's been done plenty of times before.
    At least you don't seem to be crying too hard, so as for your question, very little.
    Whereabouts are you based ?
    With a bit more time on the bike you'll be fine in no time.
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  3. Thanks man. I'm in the eastern side of Melbourne. The bike is ok, only a couple of scratches, no biggie, I call them "character" ;) I'm now planning to just ride around a few blocks at least for a month to practice, before I go onto the busier road again...
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  4. welcome aboard :] glad to hear the bikes good, and we've all had a character moment :wacky:
  5. These are the basis for tall tales and true.

    In five years time you will be talking to some noob and saying, "You think that's bad? I remember the first time I picked up my new bike...
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  6. When I was in your boat a few months ago I did the clever thing and got it delivered to my house.

    Went to take it for it's first spanking and tipped her over at the bottom of the driveway.

    similar sort of drop has happened since then, and for the same reason as the first (and by the sound of it, same as yours). Looking back, all I can remember is what my rev guage was doing at the time, because I made the rookie error of not keeping my head up and focused ahead (thus causing me to tip).
  7. Jack096Jack096 yep ya hooked judging by those symptoms -now there is no goin back Mr! :)
    I rode my bike in the dark 5 minutes after it was delivered or rather birthed into my arms in the driveway...I think back now and smile and cringe :shy:
    I was sooo excited and I actually screamed with unmitigated joy whilst riding around the block a coupla times...blinker going non stop and every time I turned I beeped the bloody horn instead of finding the still blinking blinker, overbalanced every single time I stopped and nearly dropped the bike every time...best feeling of freedom ever...this machine was mine and these were my experiences!
    We have had a little lie down together but we were both consenting so no harm done...
    Embrace and enjoy the rides of your life :p
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  8. #8 RidersGAS, Jul 23, 2015
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 20, 2016
    Cheers Jeffco

    Five bloody years ;p let me get through first 5 weeks and my license test first, lol.

    Too good mate! Yes all I remembered before I tipped was that bloody gutter! Heads up and focus ahead yo!

    Love it Oldmaid, thx! MY MACHINA :)

  9. I still occasionally horn people instead of indicating. Pretty awks
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  10. o_O
  11. I dropped my previous brand spanker the day I got it, getting it of the trailer........dropped the bloody thing even before I'd started the engine :facepalm: Lucky my eldest son was there so I could blame him o_O
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  12. Well I double dipped at Netrider practice - dropped the bike while I was sitting on it, let's blame the slippery surface after the rain shall we? ha ha ha Luckily had heaps of Netriders to pick it up, check it over, fix my gear thingy (I'm so technical! ha ha ha) and off I rode through the cones and straight through glass - duh!!! Netriders to the rescue to check my tyres once again! And people wonder why I'm not keen to go out riding on my own!?! Sssshhheeeessshhh!! ha ha ha Happy Riding! Enjoy the new wheels :)
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  13. Yep some situations are best without an audience........
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  14. Congratulations on picking up your new ride! I do like your your plan to ride quieter streets until you get out into traffic again. I did my time in on our local road for almost a month before taking the first dreaded left turn into traffic. It was really helpful. Unlike my son, who picked up his brand spanker from the CBD and rode it home through peak hour traffic and then proceeded to kick my butt by racking up 1000km's while I didn't even manage 100km's in that time. We all learn at different rates.

    Stay safe and enjoy.
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  15. Grats on the new ride my first oh crud moment was riding slow and turning never fought so hard to stop somthing dropping in my life haha glad ive only got a 250 ninja much heavier and she would of gone down
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  16. Welcome to Netrider Gas! when my new bike was delivered only a few weeks ago I spent the first session on it just riding around my local streets, getting used to the brakes, gear changes, turning, riding very slowly etc etc....a bit boring but really helpful getting comfortable with the bike so that you can keep your eye on the road and not on the instrument cluster...
    A bit of time spent tootling around is a great way of building up the relationship! (y)

    And congrats on getting a great looking bike! :)
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  17. Isn't one of the top 10 rules of motorcycles "A motorcycle will not fall over unless there is an audience"?

    - And I dropped my shiny new toy the first time I went for petrol. Line up nicely with the petrol hose, went through the newbie stop & switch off drill - except forgot the foot stand. Bike fell on me just to underline the point. Lady at the cash register was definitely smirking.
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  18. I've been riding for a little over two years now and I can never go for a ride on my CBR without hitting the horn accidentally, even if it's because I move my left hand then put it back on the bar.. had one woman call me a "bloody idiot" in front of her kids because she thought I honked at her. Awkward is right..

    As for accidents and drops, I remember dropping my little CB250 in the gravel when I tried turning around.. then a car came up behind me when I just took off again so I moved over to let him pass and rode straight into the gutter. Came off twice within a matter of 5 minutes. Picked the bike up and the next car that passed I acted as if I was just checking my tyres. :whistle:
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  19. I've never hit the horn deliberately.:whistle:
  20. Thanks man davidkdavidk :)