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Picked up my bike yesterday

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Turnip, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. I left home at 6:15am yesterday and drove out to Kalgoorlie to pick up a 27 year old Honda CB250 that I just bought (and a friend who'd been looking after it for me and needed a lift back to Perth). It was by far the longest drive I've ever done in a single day, as my Surf kept overheating while towing the trailer, and it took us around 20 hours all up (including breaks).

    But anyway, now I have a bike. It's in pretty good shape for a bike of that age, and didn't cost me a lot. Could do with a new front tyre and has a bit of surface rust, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with it. It's *really* heavy for a 250, but I'm getting used to it pretty quickly, and it's got plenty of torque.

  2. Hey looks pretty clean - congrats

    I did my L's in 1980 :oops: so only the posh learners had a new CB250

    I learnt on an orange CB200 :oops:

    Take it easy and enjoy
  3. Comstar wheels - ahh the memories :) Bit of Purple metal polish and some elbow grease will bring it up just right - looks like a good purchase.
  4. G'day everyone,.......

    I did all my rideing on a CB250,......untill I upgraded when my licence became unrestricted.
    I love the Cb's,.....your gonna have lots of fun rideing it,....

    Dr Who?
  5. Looks cool Turnip, have fun :)
  6. Well thats the main thing eh! Is this your first bike?

    Give me some of the drugs your on matey. You know you can be complimentary
    (like previous posters) without talking straight up shit. [-X :LOL:
  7. sure do have some torque. the one i just rebuilt not long ago does monos EASY! :)
  8. Yeah, first bike. I learnt to ride on a much newer CB250 and quite liked it. This one's not quite as comfortable as the new one, which was a bit shorter and much lighter (I'm only 5'2 and 60kg), but I can reach the ground, and I'm fairly strong so don't mind the extra weight.
  9. Good to hear Russ. As long as you are happy is all that matters. :wink:
  10. Congrates Russ

    Enjoy the rides and hope to see ya sometime at a meet

    I learnt on a CB 250 (newer verison) untill another student wrote it off hitting the back end of a parked bus just before a test.
    Good bike with comfortable handling.
  11. Thanks Shaun

    I'm sure I'll come along to a meet sometime, although probably not in the next few weeks as I'm really flat out with work and study.

    The old CB250N handles very differently to the new one, but there's still a lot of things that haven't changed.
  12. Congrats mate

    I learnt on a CB aswell and almost bought one when I was looking for my bike - now i wish i did, I'm stuck with a Virago, when i ADORE but it's gonna be a challenge doing on P's ........... long wheelbase for a n00b like me , i have trouble doing the cone weave properly.

    all in all GREAT DECISION! now go on and buff that bike up!!

    Vintage bikes are the best