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Picked up a new cage...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MREVOX, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. I picked up a new cage while I saw you all last. I've only had it three weeks and I've already managed to scratch a wheel :)

    Changed the plates and tail lights (black surround) as well.

  2. Evos and 911s are the only cars I really like. Nice. :)
  3. Nice cage man! By all accounts they drive brilliantly too. Enjoy it.
  4. Looks terrific mate! I love that current design, it's challenging my WRX loyalties. :p
  5. Hot mate!

    Enjoy it and drive it like your meant to :p
  6. veeeeeerry nice, what are they worth?
  7. Well, they wanted $66k drive away before... but then they were like "ARGGGHHH... We need to get rid of this Nov 08 build... $59,990". I said, "How about $57k", and they said yes :D
  8. Looks awesome mate!! (y)
  9. Mmmmmm. Tasty. You gonna lose the stock rims and get something a little more appropriate on there? Perhaps something seven spoke and shadow chrome?
  10. Stephanie Rice.
  11. I can't say it's my cup of tea, but hey whatever. It's a mitsubishi, right? :-|

  12. Wow.... Buzzkill


    :D :p

    Anyways nice ride (cage) mate.
  13. welcome back man,

    and omfg that is a good lookin ride! Really really tidy!
  14. 9's are faster :p.
    Nice ride mate they are definetly more street/user friendly than the 9's
    be sure to get the return fuel line and bonnet cable recall done.
  15. Ha ha ha, you bastard!

    Nice ride dude!
  16. Bloody jap vehicles on the road... oh wait

    Looks nice man, post vids of 4 wheel donuts
  17. I reckon I could spring for one of them after a couple of others :)
  18. Wow... 3 x litre sports bikes or 1 1/2 x 1198's.... pretty poor choice, imho...

    but hey, whatever floats yer boat...
  19. Tell me, do you have a mortgage on a home or property?

    Ever eaten out at a restaurant?

    Own any brand-name items of clothing?

    Ever bought a female jewellery?
  20. I guess all I can say to the people that argue that it's not their choice, or that I could have bought 3 sports bikes, or it's a rice burner, etc... is that:
    1) I don't have the required licence to ride a litre sports bike, and wont be able to attain that type of licence for a year.
    2) Because I'm new to riding, I don't feel I have the necessary experience or skill to handle a truly powerful bike yet.
    3) It was my choice in the end, and I'm happy I went with it.

    I have previously owned and enjoyed an Evo 8. I bought this not only because of the previous experience (including sales, service, the car overall) and the styling and performance, but mainly the superb handling for a vehicle of this type (especially at this price). It also lends itself to practical situations like going out with friends, or moving small items that would be unwieldily on a motorbike.

    Having said that, I'm in the position where I only have to look after myself... so, when the time comes, an upgraded bike will join the X I'm sure.