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Pick your Dream Bikes?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by TAX123, Oct 30, 2008.

  1. So many people ask , whats your dream car, or if you win the lotto what car would you buy. What about bikes?? So I ask whats your dream bike?
    do you already have it, or are you saving up for it
    if i would have a small collection my picks would be Bimota SB6, BMW R90S, Buell XB9R, Kawasaki GPz750 turbo and a Suzuki 1981 Katana1100 and 1999 Hayabusa in the gold color.

  2. currently on the dream 250, saving for a ZX10, :p
    and a 08ish White Hayabusa (after the 10)
  3. anything built on the "Biker Build Off" show on discovery channel, F*&%#in love that show, when ever i watch it i drool more than MJ at a kinder garden :LOL: heres a few of my favs....... :cool:

    my fav....



    or the black widow from OCC

  4. A lot of useless arse jewellery that.
  5. is the 3rd one down built on a HD Vrod? which is the only HD I like -
    and how would you ride the last one unless your an ape?
  6. Loz said

    haha i know, but damn id love to ride one on a long trip along the coast. size of the fuel tanks probly wouldnt get me that far though. :LOL:
  7. So Loz now that you have shat all over his deranged fantasies. What would you go for given and endless budget…
    I am seeing you as a Tuono man
    For me there are two answers.
    The bike I’d like to ride (Daytona 675 or CBR 600RR)
    And the bike that just tweaks my imagination (Aprilia RSV4 When they are available)
  8. Desmosedici, will never own one as they are $105k and all 1500 built are spoken for.
  9. I'm a pragmatist. 2006/7 CBR1000RR, poofy plastics off, risers and flat bars, tiny headlights and dash, big-arse sprocket on, painted black.

    Or maybe one of the triumph triples, if they had a bigger back seat. I've still never ridden a Tuono, they look nice but there's not a lot of twins I'd bother with over a triple or a four.
  10. Oh, and you know what else? I wanna god damn extra overdrive. Yeah, a seven speed box so I can gear it nice and low, and then rumble down the freeway at 2.5krpm on a tour.

    And a truck horn.

    And f*ck-off big headlights that tilt when you lean so you can see around corners.

    And a wheelie button like the F4i's got.

    And a f*cking fuel gauge.

    That's what I want.
  11. [​IMG]

    I saw a guy roll up to the lights on the new daytona...
    its amazing...
    he revved it... mmmmm
    then as the lights turned green... he stalled it!!!

    i was like - what a waste of a beautiful bike

    i expected him to do a mono or something to build up his rep after the stalling situation - to no vail. - dumb as$
  12. #13 TAX123, Oct 30, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Jul 13, 2015
    one that works properly is hard to find

    (less info)
    $500 bet between a drag car owner and a friend of mine on his ZX12R...

  13. It sounds like you realy had to get that off your chest mate :grin:
  14. ey Shadow im loving that Triumph man, just thought id give you a thumbs up :grin: :grin: :applause:
  15. its an amazing bike...and where budget is concerned, 27 grands is an easy target compared to the 40 grands for the goldwing :p
  16. One bobber for being cool


    One Enfield because they make me smile

    One monster for ripping apart twisties

    And one big MOFO of a dirt bike
  17. @matti
    your enfield image isn't working....

    if i can get my enfield here from India, I ll sell it off to you :)
  18. I'd like to build myself a 999R from scratch with a whole heap of SBK parts so it's like a road going version of Troys bike from last year. wOOT! That's my dream bike.
  19. fuel gauge...i've HEARD of those!

    my dream bike is a 1998 Honda Hornet, fully customised with aftermarket pipes, flat bars, big rear sprocket, belly pan, rear hugger & custom rear end, and painted candy apple red.

    Oh wait...i have one of those.