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Pick up service

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Raid, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. As a noob, i had my almost obligatory spill the other night...with the end result of some bent front indicator lights and some wires hanging off....of which i have no idea how to put back....

    I spilled it trying to come out of the driveway ramp.....i should have just left it on the street....now i can't get out of it!

    I don't know if i can ride the bike or not as im not sure if the wirings hanging all over the place affects it's performance (this sounds silly, but yes, im a noob)

    Are there mechanics out there (Brisbane) who can come out and fix it, or pick it up? I can't see any damages apart from the ones mentioned...

    Cheers guys, this forum has been awesome....learning a lot.

  2. Glad to hear you're alright!
    Congratulations on your first tumble, but I don't think it counts. Sorry mate.

    As far as mobile bike mechanics go I've not heard of any. But for what you described it doesnt sound too bad. Ring Lube-Mobile and give them the reference for a commodore or something common to get them out, then tell the dude the receptionist was a fool and you specifically quoted your bike.

    That way if he can't fix it then it was an internal error and you shouldn't be flogged on call out.

    If its just wiring he should be able to fix it.

    However if it's just a stuffed indicator theres nothing there to stop you from riding it to an auto-sparky.

    Maybe wait until some Brisburnians make some suggestions, I don't recommend trying to have it out with lubie. That was sarcasm.
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    Interesting use of lubie there. I use lube for other stuff.

    Oh yea, op why don't you just study it a little. Bikes are so basic..

    1. Work out what doesn't work
    2. Follow the wires
    3. Fix it

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    Eh, even if i follow the wires, i still wouldnt know how to fix it...anyway, i got someone to come out and look at it......
  5. Where in Brisbane are you? I may be able to stop by and take a look.
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  6. Im in Hamilton/Ascot area man....i have someone look at it tomorrow(friday)...but thanks for the offer, much appreciated none the less..
  7. Make sure you watch and ask about what they are doing and why, it's gonna cost you for them to come out and per hour!! So make it worth your while..
    Indicators only have 2 wires, earth and power, when you dont know it sucks but you have to start somewhere!!
    Always ask on here, if help is offered, take it up before you splash huge cash!
    just my two bobs worth
  8. How'd it go? Get it all sorted?
  9. Yeah, man, thanks....he came out to my place....the wire was the speedometer wire....he also adjusted my clutch friction point, he also spent some time showing me some tips on taking off....as this was a problem of mine, it's a bit different to the q ride bike i was learning, which i was confident....he offered to give me lessons as well, but i havent decided yet, as i want to see if i can meet some mentors here.....the front indicators are still bent and not fixed yet, it's just cosmetics, will have to find someone to do that when i get riding on the road....know of anyone?
  10. You can probably pick up a stock indicator off eBay pretty cheap. Or you can certainly get aftermarket ones, but often it's hard to tell if they're ADR approved or not - most often not. If that's something that bothers you.

    I don't personally know anyone who can "fix cosmetic damage", it largely depends on what it is. Throw some pictures up, it might fall right into someone's skill set.
  11. The front light indicators are tilting to one side as well as bent backward/forward....the whole thing looks loopsided....i tried straightening it, but couldnt do it....
  12. What requirements are there for them to be ADR approved?
    My ZR550 had Yamaha Trail bike indicators on it and 2 were bent a bit so I purchsed "stock" style indicators from Wemoto and fitted them. They are the original style but probably aftermarket.
    This is what I can find from Transport SA (which I assume would be the same nationally) http://www.transport.sa.gov.au/pdfs/personal_transport/info_bull_06_motorcycles.pdf :

    A motorcycle or motorcycle fitted with a sidecar manufactured on or after 1 October 1991 is required
    to have direction indicators fitted. The bottom of the indicator lights must not be lower than 350mm
    from the ground and the top of the indicator lights must not be higher than 1200mm from the ground.
    Front indicators:
    i. there shall be a minimum distance of 240mm between indicator illuminating surfaces.
    ii. there shall be a minimum distance between the indicators and the headlight of 75mm.
    Rear indicators:
    i. there shall be a minimum distance of 180mm between indicator illuminating surfaces.
    A direction indicator fitted to a motorcycle must, when operating, display regular flashes of light at
    least 45 and not more than 120 flashes a minute, be operated by a person in the normal driving
    position, be wired to an audible or visible device and flash at the same rate front and rear.
    When on, a direction indicator light must be visible from at least 30 metres from the front and rear of
    the motorcycle.
    The colour of light displayed by a direction indicator must be:
    (a) if the light faces forwards – white or yellow; and
    (b) if the light faces rearwards:
    (i) yellow; or
    (ii) for a vehicle built before July 1973 – yellow or red.
  13. Will vary slightly state to state (QLD is often anal about these things) so worth checking specifically for your state - it wouldn't surprise me if there is a thread here somewhere with the correct link.
  14. So where do i actually take my bike to get the indicators all sorted? The indicators are still working, but the bars they attach to are at an angle, and the indicators at the end are also slightly bent....so i don't know if they can fix that as is or i will need to order new ones.....

    I just need to know where i should go....maybe team moto in their workshop?
  15. Depends. A dealership will be able to "fix" your problem, they'll probably just replace the indicators and charge you for them. If it's not too much effort for them to fix them (hard to guess, throwing up a few photos would help) they might do that instead. Not sure on what kind of indicators you've got (plastic, metal, what) but it may be possible to re-enforce them internally with fencing wire or something.

    Compared to Team Moto or just about anywhere else, it'll be cheaper for you to source new/used replacements on eBay and install them yourself.
  16. Ring up the dealer where you got it from and get a price for how much. They should be able to sort you out either way by supplying you the parts, or by supplying & fitting as well.

  17. Supply and fitting...that's the phrase im looking for. I don't know if i need a new set...but if i do...then i will need someone to fit them....will throw up some pictures...
  18. +1 for pics mate - then the collective wisdom of the forum might be able to assist further :)
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  20. Sweet pic!

    Okay, so hollow metal tubing is what we're looking at. This can be difficult to "unbend", as usually once it's bent (read: stretched) you kind of have to stretch it equally in the opposite direction.

    What you can try is taking the tubing off your bike, and packing it tightly full of sand. Plug both ends, put it horizontally in a vice using soft grips or V grips tightly but not so that it crushes the shape, then tapping the end with a rubber hammer until its roughly straight.

    I can't see mount of the front indicators terribly well, but you should be able to remove the bracket that holds the indicators. It kind of looks like steel plate, which should straighten out with a vice and rubber hammer.

    Alternatively if you're a bit more game, you could remove the indicator and insert a length of dowel from Bunnings, use it as a lever and attempt to straighten it out while still attached to your bike. Try at your own risk, I wouldn't do this to my bike :p

    Hope this helps!