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Pick up lines

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by eve, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. So every afternoon I sprint down to the station so that I don’t miss the hot train guy getting on at the second stop.

    He is the best part of my day (obviously lead a thrilling life)… :nopity:

    I sit there squished in like a sardine trying to look impossibly calm and glamorous wondering what I could say to him… the only thing that comes to mind is 'How YOU doin?"

    *so uncool*

    My question is this: What is the worst pick up line you've used, (or had inflicted upon you) and what was the result of said trashy pickup line?
  2. I know what caused global warming. You!
  3. Well i bet that knocked their socks off...
    What was the result ??
  4. No that's what got said to me....
    Then i got all scientific on them and the romance was lost :( :oops:
  5. Come off it Klairi, you're 25 yrs old! Stuff the pickup lines and just start a conversation with him. It's not hard :)
  6. what can i say - i'm scared of REJECTION!!!!

    Anyway - i thought it was entertaining to know the crap people come up with - join the fun - dont be such a stick in the mud...

    Wogboy: you are what you eat...
  7. klairi, I am like ice, one taste and you are addicted

  8. A friend of mine uses this line every now and then and rarely gets anything. I dont know he continually does it.

    What he does is walk over to whomever he likes and flops out his tool and says what do you think?

    9 times out of 10 he gets slapped in the face, it is quite funny to watch.
  9. Nice Boots...
  10. Do i know you from somewhere???
  11. When I was 17/18ish...

    Me: Hi, so do you have a boyfriend?
    Girl: No...
    Me: Do you have a phone?
    Girl: Yeah...
    Me: Can I have the number that goes with that phone?
    Girl: Yeah...

    We dated for 3 years ;)

    Yes, I was drunk, ergo the kahunas to do such a thing :p :LOL:

    So Klairi, I know rejection is hard, but if you see a chick picking him up instead of you, how would you feel then? ;)
    Go talk to him and said Hi, and you've noticed he gets on the same train line at the same time, make a joke about doesn't he ever have to work late? ;)
    But clearly you need an opener, asking for the time is always a good one, esp when waiting on something (ie train), and IF theres a clock on the platform quickly add in you lost a contact lens today and you cant see it too well... and then cue the sweet smile :)

    You're instantly a girl who is;
    - talking to this guy,
    - have made simple and easy convo,
    - if you added in the working late line, you've made a joke,
    - you need his help, even if its only this once
    - and possibly came off cute with that smile... well who knows you could be an Angelina Jolie clone, and instanly have his jaw dropping, but i've never met you :p

    EDIT: and once you've made the initial convo, you dont need to jump his bones, just make sure you say hi and have something else to talk about even if you dont sit near him, for the next time you see him.
  12. no no no ... this isnt about my hot train guy and me growing a pair - i'm happy to fantasise..

    I dont need hints... Thanks though - i got it covered..

    Its about pick up lines!!

    Two weeks ago i got this one:

    Him: Your eyes look familiar
    Me: Err... no they dont
    *looks at friend and rolls eyes*
    him: oh no - thats right - thats me... You may remember me from big brother in 2002...

    :shock: :eek: :LOL: *big brother... say no more??*

    Result = Nill
  13. Klairi do u have a map? Cause I just keep getting lost in your eyes!

  14. Ahhhhhhhhhh but the 10th? :grin:
  15. Klairi, forget the pickup lines....

    My patented matching system has found that you and me are a highly compatible match, based on 29 dimensions of long-lasting compatibility. Remember, you have been carefully selected from thousands of woman. With this deep level of compatibility, I believe you and me will have a lot to talk about and you will find that I'm the one you've been looking for all along.
  16. I lost my number, can I have yours?

    Guy: How do you like your egg in the morning?
    Girl: Unfertilised.
  17. Just have sex with him.

    No speaking or courage for pickup lines required.

    You might get kicked off the train though.
  18. I may not be the hottest guy in the club, but I'm the only one talking to you.
  19. . . . . you know klairi there are rules against Stalking ! :?

    wooops, look who's talking !
  20. "I'd love to get to know You, but I know you won't be here long enough for that, Heaven must be missing an angel, and are certain to want you back soon." :wink: