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Pick up coil fault? bike not starting

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by marlons, Oct 7, 2008.

  1. hey guys,
    ive got a cbr250rr thats not starting.

    At the start it was fine
    It then it suffered from power loss
    Then it would only start when it was push started
    Now it doesnt start, but with no throttle i can hear it "catch"- with full/half throttle theres nothing (too much air/fuel for small spark?)

    i first suspected the spark plugs- replaced them and still the same.
    i then suspected the ignition coil- guy at motorbike store checked its resistance and said it was fine. (although he only checked one of the coils)
    i now think its the pickup coil.

    the spark is pretty weak with the left coils plugs not sparking at all (the right coils plugs have a faint spark).
    after cranking the motor for a while, i touched the exhaust- the two outer exhaust outlets were warm, while the two inner ones were cold.

    do these symptoms sound like a pickup coil?
    what else could be the problem?

    thanks in advance, marlon
  2. I recommend a gallon of petrol and a match :p :LOL:

    Seriously, sounds like it's getting fuel but no spark; have you tried leaving the plugs out and earthing them to the block and seeing whether they are sparking at all??
  3. HAHAHA!

    yeah ive taken the spark plugs out- the spark plugs using the left ignition coil have no spark, while the other ones using the other coil have a weak spark.

    cheers, marlon
  4. If it was the pickup you would have no spark on all cylinders ( 1 x pickup, 1 x CDI, 2 coils, 4 x plugs ).

    I would suspect either a coil or wiring between CDI and coil.

    What happens when you swap the coils ? Do cyl's 2/3 now fire and 1/4 cold ?
  5. i just tested the pickup coil before and it measured 410 Ohms- a little over the max (385 Ohms), but i guess that should still be fine.

    also this time i touched the spark plugs on the left coil and can feel a spark- and can only see a spark occaisionally.

    i also tested the second coil and it has good readings- so both coils have good readings.

    mike8863 i tested the coil wiring between the CDI and the coils and the coloured wires(yellow and blue) had around 5.5 ohms while the black and white ones had 2 ohms. this sounds wrong to me, but seeing as it has to pass through the spark unit, is it normal?