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Pick up a fellow (novice) rider???

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Spiced Harley V8, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. I am new to this Netrider ... I live by the coast (Torquay), only 2 months riding and still on my L's and wanting to know if anyone riding down my way towards the Great Ocean Road, to give me a hoy!! as I would love to join in the ride to wherever.

    I have'nt venture a ride to Melbourne as yet but I feel it in my bones that this will happen pretty soon. Be nice to ride with like minded riders and make new friends. Although no ride to Melbourne as yet, I have been riding the kilometres out in the back country roads ... bloody awesome. Really keen to catch up on coffee nights in Willi, St. Kilda or Southbank ... gotta time it right with my business.

    I don't mind where to meet, Torquay? Geelong? Love to share the experience with others. Where I live, each Sunday morning I hear the rumble of moto riders along the Great Ocean Road roaring through ... God what a sensation!! I have ridden to Lorne on a number of occasions, but I found the groups that congregate at The Arab for breakky/coffee are pretty much closed shop. This weekend I am riding to Wye River ... next weekend? Who knows?

    Look forward to hearing from any rider coasting down my way....

  2. Welcome to the club. :cool:
  3. You realise many of us are jealous of you living near some top roads, yeah?

    Welcome to here :)
  4. maybe one sunday afternoon we cna organise a coffee afternoon somewhere in geelong at least so you can meet some of us...
  5. Well I must say -you have nice legs. And those clothes do flatter your........ Oh, not that sort of pick up. Sorry
  6. OK Ezyryder, Then come on down and have fun on those top roads!!
  7. Hey Roarin, Why do you have 1 warning?
  8. Hola! ronon11, there are some really nice spots around Geelong, the You Yangs are quite sublime on a sunny day too .. come on down!!!