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Featured Pick up a bike that has been knocked over?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Richyo, Apr 28, 2015.

  1. I witnessed the aftermath of a parking incident where a bike was left tipped over on the ground (see pictures)

    I posted this on a Motorbike facebook group and the results are mixed on whether i should have picked it up or not. In the end I didn't pick it up due to the risk of being blamed.

    The question is would you pick a bike up if you saw it lying on the road?

    One good suggestion that came out of the facebook discussion was that I could have found a witness to prove I didn't knock it over and was picking it up.


  2. Just to confirm you did not witness the incident? The place looks fairly deserted so I assume there were no nearby witnesses?

    Personally I would pick it up, the longer it stays on its side the more damage that may result. It would be best if you can find someone to help so at least you have a witness that you were not involved. You could also ask if anybody knows the owner. Leave a note explaining the situation.

    Others may disagree. as you have found on other site it can be controversial.

    Your post got hung in moderation because of your low post count. You should go and put an introductory thread in the Welcome Lounge and a few more posts to stop things being hung up in moderation.
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  3. As Chris says.

    Especially with that one as it appears to have been knocked out of a legal parking zone if my squinty little eyes are correct. You may ask "What kind of monster would ticket a bike clearly knocked out...". Then stop and realise you're talking about parking inspectors.
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  4. I would pick it up and hope that the owner understands and appreciates my good intention.
  5. Nope i didn't witness it, was just passing by. The street here is fairly quiet for foot traffic but does get a bit of cars passing by

    Another factor for me leaving it there was that I haven't picked a bike up before and didn't want to practice on someone elses (even though i have watched youtube videos on it)
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  6. I've got a couple of problems with moving it.
    Firstly, you've tampered with the evidence, at least from the owner's POV, and possible insurance implications.
    Owner might not even notice it until perhaps trying to ride off (are you going to hang around until they turn up?).
    I understand the issue of fluids seeping and causing more problems, but you may not know how long it's been there anyway and suppose you fumble and do more damage?

    I'd help the owner right it if possible, but that's all.
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  7. I would take a photo of it then pick it up and leave a note for the owner...if it was my bike I would really appreciate it being picked up and the note explaining that it had been having a little sleep...so I would know to check her over...
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    No pen or paper, no pickup. But I wouldn't be too concerned about disturbing a crime scene. We all know exactly what would be said if you called up the cops to report it. They are hardly going to turn up. Look at the bike on the ground and say "Judging by the angle the bike is lying it was hit by a blue Honda accord". A simple time of viewing and mentioning what side it was lying is better info than they could get from returning to a sleeping bike.

    Given thats a 1 hour zone chances are it hasn't been there long and a time could narrow a time down to a pretty small window. Plus it also means it hasn't been on its side too long and there are still fluids seeping into the wrong places. Picking it up will also give it time for the fluids to correct so they don't pick it up and start it right away.
  9. I've picked up a few bikes in St Leonards near the station (down the stairs from maccas) I used to live nearby so I wasn't too worried about someone accusing me of anything.
    I did debate leaving a note but I never got around to it.

    I remember picking up a blue GS500 twice in the same day :/
  10. I agree the cops will not attend. I was more thinking for the owner to take pictures etc.
  11. In this situation.
    You cannot trust witnesses.
    You cannot trust the owner.
    Keep walking and don't make trouble for yourself.
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  12. I once happened upon a KTM 200 Duke lying on its side on a side-walk in Melbourne CBD, the side-stand had pushed through the hot bitumen and the bike toppled over. Picked it up without a second thought and moved it a little to where it wouldn't happen again, would appreciate if the same was done for my bike in the same circumstance.
  13. Could it simply be the bike was a bit tired and felt like a lie down?
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  14. I would pick it up without a second thought. Would hope the same would be done for me.
  15. Could this be a segment from Funniest Home Videos or that show called Punk'd? You know the scene where they set up a hidden camera and stage the accident - in this case a fallen motorcycle. The cameras roll and capture human behavior to see who ignores the bike or who actually goes out of their way to put the bike upright.

    I'd pick it up, look to the bushes for the hidden camera and give a big old thumbs up!
  16. I have picked them up.

    Nothing happened. I left a note most of the time
  17. In this day and age of mobile phones with camera's I would have thought that a video provides a good witness if one was concerned but still wanted to assist.
  18. Pick it up and leave a note if possible, chance an idiot would run over it while it's down like that. Came across a honda dominator blown over on soft ground once, ended up leaving it like that after knocking on the door of the place it was parked in front off for 5 minutes, to much chance of it getting blown over again and damaged more.
  19. I'd like to hope most people would. If my bike fell for whatever reason I'd hope a fellow rider would take the consideration to pick it up. Obviously they would know the right procedure. At the same time I've had people touch my bike and I do get very precious. But I guess this is unrelated