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Pick up a bargain

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Flylo, Jun 19, 2012.

  1. Looks like Brighton Kawasaki (Melbourne) are closing down and everything must go. Not only are bikes up for auction, but a lot of accessories as well. I have no interest in anything they have but thought some of you might be.


  2. How exactly is this going to work? Also it doesn't say what the name of the tyres that are on sale... I'm confused.
  3. Attend online auction.
  4. Note that there is a $55 'registration' fee to sign up to the auction site.
  5. Seems a bit too good to be true? :(
  6. Contact Eaauctions

    Corporate Location
    22 Steele Court Tullamarine
    Victoria Australia 3043

    Phone: +613 9379 7233
    Facsimile: +613 9379 0744
    Email: Staff@eaauctions.com

    ABN 35074034727

    Might give them a ring in the morning to see what the go is? Some interesting stuff on there.
  7. That's a shame if they are closing, not many independent bike shops left around particularly for Kawasaki. They should get plenty of interest with an online auction though.
  8. As I understood the link, It's a 'live' auction at Brighton kawa on the 27th at 10am guys..... So anyone not working, I recon it'd be a good opp. for some bargains.
  9. or anyone with a bit of spare cash who wants to start up a new kawasaki shop lol
  10. Re: Another shop closing in Melbourne

    I think the same thing's happening here too Jafu - Scotts were a bit of an institution in southern Sydney, but they moved shop a year or so ago and have recently closed up altogether.
    It surprised me a bit, even though I didn't see them move too many bikes - their workshop had an excellent reputation and always seemed busy...

    As if parts and servicing weren't already too expensive in this country...
  11. Re: Another shop closing in Melbourne

    This explains why there were no markdowns or evidence of a sale when I had a look in there on Friday morning. It all looked like business as usual apart from the 'closing down, all stock must go' sign on the window. I couldn't understand why there weren't visible bargains. An auction seems like an unusual way to do it.
  12. These shops can't compete with the bargains you can get online. A Large wholesaler in Melbourne that dictates the price these shops sell their products at (with only a 20% mark up for the shops), are partly to blame for the indusrty going down the toilet. Either way, we've been paying through the nose for accessories for too long and if I can buy online at a cheaper price (delivered), without leaving my house and saving time, petrol and wear on the bike/car, then bring it on!

    But, if there are only a few dealers for a particular brand left, will that mean negotiating a discount for a brand new bike will be out of the question in the near future? Or will car dealers start to get in on selling new bikes, like BMW does currently?
  13. I called them, the auction is on site on the day. If you cannot attend you can bid online.

    I have bid for a pair of rain boots, the bloke said if I have the winning bid they will pull out the size I want.

    Note most items do have a minimum price set so there are no $20 bargains to be had.

    My guess is that if you get down to Brighton before the auction they will give you a good price. I bought my bike from there and had great service as well so am sorry to see them close.

    On a seperate note I was in PS Ringwood today and they where having a big sale.

    Cheers Jeremy