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Pick the faults

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by smee, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. #1 smee, Jan 13, 2010
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  2. Rear brake - lots of it by the looks of it. Or a bad down change.

    EDIT: oh, and he appeared to be looking at the guardrail the whole time going "gee, it would be pretty embarrassing if I hit that"
  3. He went over the guard rail instead of staying on the road.

    (Oh and also:
    1.target fixation.
    2.too much rear/no front brake used.
    but it all comes down to
  4. looks like someone already dented the fence for him. I thought it sounded like compression lock up accompanied by rear brake.
    edit: mickeymouse seems to have a camera permanently set up in the same spot...
  5. He's American, riding a British bike, and has never seen a corner before.
  6. He needs to learn to ride, and then to stick within the limits of his abilities.

    Impressive video, though.
  7. He was also taking the wrong line to begin with aswell IMO.
  8. He screwed that up a little... I think the answer is he just has no idea how to ride properly.
  9. Looking at the picture he's not using his front brake at all. :eek

    Yup, doesn't know how to ride.
  10. Its a popular place to crash

    do a search on "mulholland highway crash" on youtube and see all the other crashes there
  11. I blame the bike, it was clearly insulted by this guy riding it.
  12. I spent way too much time last night watching all that guys videos! So many people get it wrong there! And so many people come to watch everyone get it wrong!

    I also looked up the mulholland highway on google maps, looks like a nice road.
  13. Just got off a Harley, used the wrong brake :rofl:
  14. Centrifugal or centripetal. That's the answer. I am sure.
  15. hehe, looks like that centrifugal force was imaginary after all.
  16. Gross incompetence. I have to admit that, given the satisfactory outcome, this video gives me the giggles.
  17. From below the video:

  18. He was in the wrong place exiting the right hander, he should have moved further to the right as he approached the left hander AND washed off a little more speed for his skill level. He ended up on the inside line to the left hander while still upright and then proceeded to use the rear brake heavily to slow himself down. ( not a good idea ).
    If he had the skills he could have made the corner by counter steering the bike down and flowed through effortlessly.

    In short, he was riding above his abilities.........

    Cheers, ratty.

  19. seeing how many of them there are, makes you wonder if they all just screwed up or there is something funky up with that corner.