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Pick one -> blade or sp2

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by NedKellyAUS, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. If you had the choice between honda 06 fireblade or the honda sp2.

    I like them both & just looking for some other thoughts on it.

  2. have you test rode them both yet?.. I have only ridden a fireblade..
  3. no but 2 of my mates have them, well the blade he has is not the 06 , but i have seen it in the shop, white & silver blade really nice.
  4. Im not familiar with the SP2.. so I dont know. I only had my fireblade for 5 months last year until someone hit me side on at intersection and wrote it off and almost me too.. I got away with busted ribs and left shoulder.. so yeah. Umm.. blade was ok for short rides.. I just got a suzuki SV 1000s now.. and I like the seating position on it more than the blade..
  5. I used to own a blade and I have test ridden an sp2 and to be honest the sp2 is one of the most uncomfortable bikes I have ever ridden very tucked up riding position and I cramped up after about 5 minutes where as I never had that problem on the blade
    The blade is also lighter with the steering dampner (which I found wicked on the road) and more horsepower and I reckon those new ones look cool much better than an sp2
  6. Take the SP2, it probable has the better resale value, then you can trade it in and get the bike everybody wants ... a nice orange ZX10R...
  7. Blade!!!

    SP2 isn't very comfortable or forgiving on the road, and I dont think they are even sold new this year so you'd be buying a 05 model.

    I rode the Blade at HART on weekend, better than my 05.

    Having said that I've alsways preffered in line 4s, V twin vibration just doesn't do it for me.

  8. Im with nobby buy the honda,sell it and get a orange zx10 :grin: :grin:
  9. What Rev said.

    I personally hate the power delivery on twins. But I rode the blade last weekend and it absolutely knocked my socks off.

    The power is incredible and so, so smooth. It'll yank your arms out of their sockets but feel like a nice massage on the way. The thing brakes, as I heard someone once say, like an armadillo dodging a bowling ball. I could feel my eyes getting sucked out of their sockets. And the cornering is unbelievably stable and smooth.

    The riding position is relaxed but allows you to get very physically aggressive when you're feeling feisty. I felt very close to skimming the knees of my draggins even on my 20 minute test ride, and I've never even got close before.

    And she'll wheelie in second with a flick of clutch at 120kmh, pick up and want to really get going. Clocks on ya chin! The power is simply awesome.

    I was left dribbling and rocking back and forth in the corner after my test ride.

    HOWEVER it should be noted that it's a bloody impractical bike. No storage, no pillion comfort, and you'd have to have about a zillion times more self control than I do to own one of these and a license at the same time.

    If you're keen on doing stacks of track days, it's a blinder of a bike. An absolute f*cking monster. But riding it around the city at legal speeds would take superhuman feats of restraint. Even 120kmh is just getting to the start of the fat part of the powerband in first, so enjoying the full 172hp experience would see you well into license-exploding territory in whatever gear you choose.

    The experience left me with more respect for the zen-like individuals who can ride one of these sedately than the loonies who go everywhere at 280 and wheelie all over the place. The latter is the natural state of the superbike.
  10. It's chalk and cheese their two completely different bikes.
    I just sold my Blade and come the warmer weather will be after an SP-2. I just want to do the v-twin thing. The blade has more power, better handling, less weight, more comfortable, but it's not a V-twin and thats why I like the SP, it's got character, it's different.
    The sp-2 does need some work to get all the ponies out, PC3usb, flapper valve, pipes, re-gearing etc. But it's a wicked bike, if you haven't heard one with a set of pipes your not living, but at the same time it's not for everyone. Just test ride both of them and see how you feel, either way you can't go wrong. Oh and you can get a 2006 sp-2 they will be bringing them out very soon, all black, google for an image they look great.
  11. TWIN SP2 , for my pick
  12. Depends on the type of riding you want to do.

    If you mainly commute, DO NOT get the SP2, get the blade.

    If it is intended as a fang bike then get the SP2, TWINS RAWK :grin:
  13. *cough* GSXR 1000 k6 *cough*

    waiting for it........ :wink:
  14. I think you need to buy me one of both so I can give you a really informed opinion ;)
  15. Both are massive overkill for road riding and not really intended for that purpose. That said if I could've afforded it, I would've bought an SP2 in a heart beat just for fun on weekends. But if I were looking for something for track days..I'd say neither. A sorted 600 will be better for 99% of us humans.
  16. I'm with Troy.

    Why even think about an under avhieved blade when you can have a Gixxer for the same price?
  17. Me, I wouldn't pick either bike. I've learn some big lessons over the years with big cc bikes and comfort/ practicality factors.

    It also all boils down to personal choice, I exercised this right once and found myself selling the bike after only 4 months. A waste of money.

    I guess it all depends on how much you will ride it, what you use it for etc. You've heard it all, I am sure.

    Just pick what you can really see youself using. I felt a CBR600F4i was a backward step after a Hayabusa, but its not I love it. I don't regret my decision at all.

    Ride a few, Hire a few, just buy something that works for you and your riding habits. :) You gotta love what you have.
  18. where can you hire bike like these?

    As for riding type -> A little commuting also like to go for some longer rides on weekend, my girlfriend also likes to go, so if i was to get one of these bikes i might have to keep the bandit 600 that i'm on now so she can still go(upright seating & nice pillion seat)
    but with a blade she might go or some smaller rides- but not sure about sp2 we have looked and friends have told us it's not good on the back of them.
  19. The gixxer is a better bike for the track but with the electronic steering dampner the blade is better on the road it doesnt have the top end of a gixxer or a zx10(which is the quickest) but how many times are ya gunna see 300+ speeds on the sh1te they call roads in this state :grin:
  20. You wont find anyone who will hire out either of the two not unless they put some massive excess on it
    Just go to a dealer mate if your serious they will let you go for a test ride