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pick a color

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by SOBIL, Sep 22, 2005.

  1. "A Friend of mine is" think of changing the color of his bike. well he actuall has no choice. He has been looking around for a good colour that it is easy to obtain matching gear for (as "He" also needs to replace his gear).

    Post your thoughts of good colour combinations for a naked bike.

  2. Try black....it's the new black
  3. Matte black............
  4. What about cherry black like the old HSV's used to have that would still look good but be a bit individual (Plus it looks cool in full sunlight).
  5. Paint it pink, then no one will be looking at what they're wearing. :LOL:
  6. If he lives in Melbourne... Brown coz that is the NEW BLACK!!
  7. Hmmm... my theory on getting matching leathers is to have black/silver/grey leathers..they go with EVERY bike..

    If I was respraying a bike, I would look at an unique blue or purple :D
  8. Once upon a time, I would have said black. But I was in D1ck Smith's and I saw these so your "friend" really doesn't need to feel stuck with boring old black.
  9. gloss white or gloss black or matt black is about $25 a litre from a paint shop where any mixed colour will set you back about $60 a litre :wink: makes the decision a little easier IMO :LOL:
  10. Paint it black. Then you've got all the colours included. :D
  11. ide have to say: Cameleon Pearl.
  12. Black in any shade is good :!:

    Easy to get easy to touch up if the need arises 8)
  13. Just go Black, you will never look back.
  14. Yet another vote for matt black... then slap some nice chrome decals on it. Ooooh.. and a moto-x headlight on it (matt black aswell)... then down the front sprocket by 2, and up the rear by 5. :D

    Or maybe not.

    Matt Black. :p
  15. After some deep and meaningful thought into this i'd have to say BLACK!! I mean come on, do you think Ghost Rider would have it any other way??Why's that?? Because BLACK is the only way. Goes with just about any colour too. Only thing is it gets dirty real easy!!
  16. What's a color? Surely you mean a colour? ;)

    I vote for hot pink.
  17. Since it's a naked bike, how about flesh-tone?? Then he won't need to shell out for protective gear either!
  18. Always stay with black, plus anything your wearing won't clash with it :wink: