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PIC: What's naked-er than a naked ER6N?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Sep 19, 2007.

  1. This sexy biatch, that's what!

    You ask me, this is how they should look stock. What a fantastic looking bike! No bullshit, no embarrassing bulgy plastic bits, just two wheels and an engine.... WOOHOO!

  2. the front light is neat

    that looks pretty good
  3. That's still the original front light though isn't it, that should have been the first thing to go.
    Otherwise definitely an improvement over the original.
  4. My gripe with the 6n is the headlight which is just too weird for my tastes. Give it the above, or even a z750/1000 headlight and its good to go :)
  5. I'm not sure if it's the original light without the plastic sides or not - but I love it to bits, reminds me of the Brutale/FZ1N/GSR look.
  6. Yes, it's a great looking bike. If Er6n looked like this, I'd have got one a long time ago... From what I remember about this bike, it also had other mods: stock suspension replaced with top-notch components, and a fair bit of tweaking to the engine. The only thing I hate is the way they simply took the instrument pod and dumped it on the tank, cuiser style. Which I hate on principle, because the instruments should be as much as possible in rider's line of sight, not somewhere between their legs. And I think this one looks especially stupid:

  7. Yeah, amen to that. Couldn't see it in that pic.

    You'd get a $300 aftermarket jobbie and fit it just behind the headlight.
  8. that looks pretty hot.

    ALMOST hot enough to make me like kawasakis.
  9. Indeed - it seems one of the first things they've done is remove the Kwaka logo, a good start in anyone's books!
  10. That does, indeed, look the business.

    Definitely could play all day on that in the twisties :twisted:.
  11. I love it Loz, I'll keep mine stock for a wee bit then work out how I can mod it without Andrew knowing :grin:
  12. Is it just me, or is there a sleepy "Marvin the paranoid android" poking his head up out of the engine??? :LOL:

    It is a sexy looking bike otherwise :)
  13. nah rob, i see him :LOL:
  14. I wondered what you guys have been taking, but I can see it now too :shock: :LOL:

    We have had about a dozen road bikes over the years, probably about 30 odd dirt, and my ER is the first Kawa that we have ever had. :shock: :oops:
  15. That is so hot!!! I love the way they are going with the look of naked bikes nowdays...
  16. hahaha Rob
    Thats it then . All the mystic has gone . Its Marvin the paranoid robot .
    Sorry Loz