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Piano wire across riding tracks at Kinglake

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. Saturday morning 6/11/10 I think it was on 774 AM radio news the police were warning trail bike riders to be careful when riding through trails at Kinglake as piano wire was found across tracks on two separate occasions.

    How much of the negative media can be attributed to this?

    Hey TAC is it up to motorcyclists to reduce this risk?
  2. is it an urban myth?


    by the number of times I've heard this one there can't be an intact piano in the whole country :LOL:

    {but it does provide a nice continuation of the 'motorcyclists being victimised' syndrome}
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  4. I don't know about any recent incidents but a friend in high school had it happen to him. He was lucky enough that the wire was low enough to only knock him off his bike resulting in a broken arm. It could have been worse. That was up in King Lake.
  5. So what you're saying then is it doesn't happen and everybody's just making it up?
  6. Looks like it might not be an urban myth but an urban truth


  7. http://www.smh.com.au/national/m7-warning-wire-strung-across-bike-path-20090911-fjny.html
    this was only a few weeks ago
  8. Ssshhh, don't spoil Hornet's myopic Utopia.
  9. I had a myopic utopia. I was going to cross it with a friend's brown point Burmese, but I couldn't get the cork back in, so I had to finish it.
  10. yes, if it didn't happen to him, it didn't happen.

    and he boost's his post count. =D>
  11. I knew someone who used to string up fencing wire between trees to get trail bike riders. Pretty sure he never got anyone though.

    He had an accident shortly afterwards that rendered him quadriplegic.

  12. What a low, dog act to put wire across a riders path.
    I imagine that the culprits haven't heard of a thing called karma. They have something to look forward to in the future......................
  13. Happened to one of the posties in the area about 6 weeks back, don't know any of the details though.
  14. High probability that it is none.

    *sigh* I feel sorry for the horse really.

    The sort of people who do this can be grouped into the same general segment of humanity as bushfire-season arsonists and puppy/kitten torturers - pure oxygen thieves. Alas, this sort of booby trapping has been going on for a long time, and rec motorcyclists are just one of the many targets. Problem is that it is incredibly difficult to actually catch anyone in the act, especially when they do it out bush.
  15. Hearing of piano wire, although I'd suggest heavy gauge fishing wire is used, being strung across tracks does not surprise me as I too have heard the stories. As for it being an urban myth, I think enough anecdotal evidence to prove otherwise.

    Sadly I can well believe it happening and all because someone didn't want the postie riding on their lawn, which was most likely the nature strip and therefore council property blah blah blah. Yes, I've had this argument with householders many times, in many different suburbs and in two different cities as well as coming against all sorts of measures to prevent me/us from following our course.
  16. I can't understand how some one could find it funny seriously injuring or killing someone.
    No better then a pedofile or murderer in my books
  17. This S**Ts not cool just as bad as these arsehole rangers where i live putting dead branches across motorcycle tracks to stop us riders.

    'its national paarrk! your going to hurt the little bunnies!' (i actually had a woman tell me this.. i had to fight the urge to slap the S**T outta her.)

    What do they think happens if a rider comes in hot flatstick on his CRF250 and clips those bloody branches? One poor busted up ass 15KM from home! Where we ride there is NO mobile reception, yet you see these stupid traps!

    Branches across roads, Mud/sand/gravel/etc piled up around a blind corner to stop the bikes. All because we enjoy riding in the great park, we stick to what was open tracks, everyone uses them and the animals keep well clear.

    Never encountered wire across the tracks. Although Ive seen pretty much everything else.

    Sorry needed to get that outta my system.. if i have to get off the bike and move ONE MORE BRANCH............ Bloody rangers.
  18. People have been killed by this shit.

    attempted murder as far as im concerned and i hope they all get whats coming for them. Arseholes
  19. That's such a dog act... and so potentially lethal as well. I'd love to get my hands on anyone that tried anything like that, but I'm sure karma will do its job at some point.
  20. When I did my Ls course about 4 years ago there was a bunch of dirt riders getting their licenses. They were telling me that this was happening out in appin, they said that people get decapitated..