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Piaggio X9 odometer

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by x9.dashboard, Oct 2, 2006.

  1. X9 LCD Odometer and Analog Meter

    The design concept:-
    The X9 Digital Dashboard was designed perfectly in electronics circuit:-Analogue-digital with rev counter, on-board computer and recommended maintenance indications. It is an OEM product from one of famous Italy company. Therefore, Piaggio Service Centre does not recommend repairing this OEM parts.

    Looks like a car features with built-in single clip microcontroller storing mileage data in latest proven technology. It is the first deluxe scooter model from Piaggio with built-in digital dashboard and four analog gauges.
    It includes three major functions: Control, Indication- Status and Metering-Gauges into two pieces.

    Control Outputs
    C01: LHS turn signal lights
    C02: RHS turn signal lights
    C03: OFF the turn signal lights
    C04: Hazard warning lights
    C05: Brakes lights
    C06: Lights-On to LCD back light and Analog Gauges
    C07: Key-On B+

    Indication (Status) signals
    S01: High Beam lamp
    S02: Lights-On lamp
    S03: Fuel empty warning lamp
    S04: Low Oil pressure warning lamp ( Below 200 cc )
    S05: "RUN"/"OFF" lamp
    S06: Malfunctioning Warning lamp
    S07: ABS lamp ( not used )
    S08: EFI- Fuel injection warning lamp ( 250 & 500 cc )
    S09: LHS turn signal lamp
    S10: RHS turn signal lamp
    S11: Hazard lamp
    S12: Immobilizer LED


    Gauge panel
    M01: km/h gauge
    M02: RPM gauge
    M03: Fuel gauge
    M04: Engine temperature gauge

    LCD panel
    M05: Odometer
    M06: T1 & T2
    M07: Air temperature
    M08: Date/Month/Year
    M09: Clock/Stop Watch
    M10: Oil/Service/Belt Timer
    M11: Max Speed
    M12: Mean Speed

    Version table
    X9 - 125 = V3.20
    X9 - 180 = V3.20
    X9 - 200 = V3.20
    X9 - 250 = V3.16
    X9 - 500 = V3.21

    Therefore, we can apply same technology to study another model of digidash.
    The objective of this topic is to update our knowledge of the lastest technology for all X9 riders.
    Thanks, Piaggio developed this high-tech digidash
  2. X9 Digital Odometer

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  3. Yikes. That's not going to be cheap when - and it is a case of when and not if - it breaks.

    Ask any Ducati owner (or an Alfa Romeo owner if you hang around cagers too much) about Italian electrics and you'll see what I mean ...
  4. Digital Odometer - OEM

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  5. errrr nice post...

    Welcome - I think?

    Is this an advertisement or something informative I fail to comprehend?
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  11. alls i can say is..WTF?
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  15. I just wanna say I think the X9 dashboard is one of the stupidest
    and ugliest dashboard setups I've seen in AGES.
    Whose idea was it to put the idiot lights between the handlebars where
    they block your view of the speedo?

    PS I HATE SPAM, Im not sure if this is spam or the answer to a question
    that nobody asked. I know this guy runs a speedo repair business, so
    my guess is spam
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  17. On the plus side, the OP's Engrish is good for a laugh. :D