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Piaggio X9 250, first impressions

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by incitatus, Sep 20, 2006.

  1. Ok, let’s get it out right up front, I would never have thought it, and it may impact my cafe racer project, but I'm keeping it. I have done ~300k's so far , and it's definitely an impressive machine, but it took a bit of getting used to, the last time I rode a scooter was many years ago, and it was a Vespa with a clutch and twist-grip gear change.

    The continuously variable transmission on the X9 is very deceptive, you initially don't feel like you are accelerating much at all at the red light GP, but then you look at the speedo and realize you are doing 80 in 60 zones, and the cars are a long way behind. I could lose my license on this thing easier than on my Ducati, even if the X9 does top out at 140kph. The other odd thing about the continuously variable transmission is the way it works, you hit the throttle while stationary, and the revs immediately shoot up to (say) 6,000 rpm, the scooter then starts to accelerate, the speedo reading increases, but the tacho stays nailed at 6,000 until the appropriate speed for 6,000rpm (80kph) is reached. It’s really weird accelerating at constant revs.

    I have been taking it easy, as it’s running-in, but I can say that this thing is seriously quick for a scooter, and it can do some serious cornering with nothing touching down at totally silly lean angles until the left side of the centre stand does, and by that time you need an ear scraper. The brakes, like the CVT transmission are another ‘err um’ item. They are linked, with a single rear disk, and twin discs at the front. The first time I rode it, I approached a junction, pulled on the r/h lever and stomped helplessly on the non existent brake pedal, not a lot happened except for my bowels loosening a touch. The brakes are linked, with the l/h lever operating the l/h front, and also the rear disk, through a pressure regulator that gives approx a 70/30 front/rear brake balance. The r/h lever only operates the r/h front disk, which on its own is underwhelming to say the least. Using only the linked l/h lever is a different ballgame, highly effective braking, add the r/h lever as well, and this thing stop very well indeed.

    Storage space is just huge, two full face helmets and still room for a cut lunch, and I rode through a reasonable shower at 60kph and didn’t get a single spot of rain on my visor. As a practical commuter, this thing just rocks, and it is capable of being hustled through the twisties too, I can’t wait until its run in. The X9 has a real frame by the way, a steel space frame that gives it a rigidity unusual in a scooter, which may explain its genuinely good handling. I will follow up with another report after the 1,000k’s of running in.

  2. 4 bikes now Inci?? when do you get to ride them all?
  3. Actually I'm probably going to sell the 1975 BMW R60/6. as it is getting a bit silly in my shed..... :)
  4. Was thinking you's almost need a double storey garage..... or do you have an aircraft hanger spare?

    Scooter sounds like a hoot will look forward to the post run in report.
  5. congrats on the new scoot. those maxi's are cool huh; with the cruiser footboards and massive storage space.

    enjoy & ride safe
  6. Nice report, and glad you're having a ball on it. Nice pickup.