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Piaggio weird lights

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Eospro, May 16, 2007.

  1. Piaggios that have dual head lights have the right side on for low beam and the left side on for high beam. Has anyone had theirs rewired so they are both on at the same time, or anyone pulled over for having a 'headlight that doesn't work'

  2. Having one light on when just on lowbeam is common to alot/most new dual headlight bikes these days.
  3. Decided against doing this to my X8. There is a school of thought that having both lights on low beam might upset distance perception of drivers at night who think you are a long way off (based on the distance between the two lights). Not sure if I fully buy the argument.

    In any case, I reckon the single lights do provide me with enough light for my riding patterns
  4. I had my scooter in for servicing earlier this week and borrowed a Piaggio NRG Power PureJet to get to work, which has the dual headlight arrangement. On the way out of the carpark a colleague waved me down to tell me I had a headlight out. I was aware that one is for low beam and the other for high beam, but it struck me that if this is what Joe Public believes, how long before police start pulling riders over for a perceived infringement, only to have their stupidity demonstrated to them by flicking the high beam switch? I guess the misconception wouldn't last long, but there it is.

    BTW, the NRG is known at the shop I go to as "The Angry Mosquito" - you need to hear it to understand, but I guess you get the picture. Funny little scoot, absolutely no guts.

    - Guran
  5. I also had someone rush over to me to tell me i had a headlight out, back when i had the Sportcity.

    Oh and as far as police pulling you over for having a headlight out.....it would have to be a pretty stupid cop to not know about it given that many many many bikes have and always have only had one light on in low beam.
  6. Yep it happened to me too. My coleagues told me to check the lights.

  7. Apparently the European regs require that headlights be a minimum distance apart, so you can't have your two and only headlights next to one another. The bikes we receive are built for the euro market.

    The VicRoads Standards Information 10 says about light installations on motorcycles:

    and other bits.

    So if the lamps match, it appears that you can wire up the dud globe in Oz.
  8. Well I'm leaving my X9 as Piaggio intended. I'm buggered if I want someone pulling out on me because I was mistaken for a distant car, when I'm an easily broken scooter rider that's quite close.
  9. It seems to be an Italian thing!
    I've had the Sportcity a year & only 1 person has ever mentioned it (kindly elderly gentleman while I was stopped at lights). And I've never been pulled over for it by the cops.