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Piaggio MP3 - what a little hooligan machine!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Guys

    Thanks to Scummy I scored a thrash on the Piaggio MP3 three-wheeler last Friday.

    Full review on gizmag: http://gizmag.com/go/8251/

    There's a bunch of photos there - what a sensational little bike! There's several other... Naughtier shots I'm waiting on, and some video, which we'll post up on a separate website for your amusement post-haste. Can't wait to show you this thing belting out rolling burnouts and big ol' stoppies, it's an amazing machine!

    It would be an incredibly forgiving learner bike - and the larger capacity ones will be sensational commuter thrashin' hoonmobiles for ne'er-do-wells like myself. WOOHOO!
  2. Great write up Loz, cannot wait to see the "other" photos and video.
    By the way I have your backpack for ransom
  3. I want one just from the write up.

    Brian, we were going to play, remember?! :p :p :p :p
  4. Yes I remember quite well, I will have to organise something wont I. :twisted:
  5. I think you must... :p
  6. hahahahaha i saw one of these cruising through rose bay... looks like an alien cross bred with a busa... but they look an absolute hoot! the scoot shop on parramatta road had one parked outside over the weekend, i'm gonna try for a test ride :LOL: :cool:
  7. hmmm with a 500cc engine? That would be a cracker! :grin:
  8. Cool writeup. Thanks loz. :)
  9. thats awsome
    i want one
  10. I sat on one in Brsbane yesterday and it was a bit strange, rode around the bloke at very wussy speeds and yep as a second back up bike a winner. Weird but fun. :cool: :cool: :cool:
  11. Some, er... *Additional* shots that didn't make the article...



    That last one got me into a bit of trouble... One new rear tyre later... :oops: Still, serves to highlight some of the craziness this kind of bike offers for more... Spirited riders.... These things are a blast!

    Oh... And yes, in order to stoppie or scrape the sidestand on these things, it's important to poke your tongue out like a pre-schooler learning to pick his nose.
  12. Hmmmmm :-k 1 shot of you going the wrong way, in a carpark, on full tilt, heading towards a speed bump ](*,)
    1 doing a line locker \:D/
    And the other pullin a stoppie :grin: and giving the rear end a beatin :blackeye:
    Gee Loz, I cant wait to let you test my new Bandit Loz :dance:
  13. Haha yer on, I'll hold you to that! :grin:
  14. C.C. details 1st please =; with signature! and blank amount.
    They look like seriously good fun though :grin:
    And the expression on your face in the linelocker is rather amusing :furious: CMON YA BEUTCH-IS THAT ALL YA GOT-BLOW YA BAHSTARD-BLOOOOW!!!! :rofl:
  15. 1st shot, the tongue of concentration!
  16. Ahem yes, it would be wise for me to start flipping the face down on my helmet for road tests I reckons. Can't have my good looks (and mildly autistic tongue action) distracting from the bikes eh?
  17. Jeez Loz, I'm glad I didn't see those shots before my granny ride!

    Loz serious question, how do you reckon they would go on a weekend or longer type trip? :?
  18. I can't see any issues there. They're very comfortable and easily do over 110kmh while getting scooter-level fuel economy (or so I'm told). What's more, the storage, as you've seen, is enormous.

    As you know, I'm a huge boofy bloke, and with my editor/photographer on the back it was a bit more of a handful, scraping everything everywhere and squatting under acceleration out of turns. This might not be an issue for smaller folk, and I reckon the uprated suspenders on the Fuoco 500 will stop this from being an issue even for us hippos.

    But yeah, I can't see why these wouldn't be fantastic on longer trips.
  19. Thanks Loz, the seat is certainly comfy enough!
  20. OK smartarse. Let's see you mono it :grin: :grin: :grin: .

    I'll have a 500 thank you.