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Piaggio MP3 . . . drifting !

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Sep 16, 2007.

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    man this gives me second thoughts ! :

    Tony, you know I like gadgets.

    Like for instance . . . my Fiat, bragging rights . . .
    - It has a variable geometry turbo.
    - It has the latest common rail direct injection intercooled turbo diesel engine.
    - It has a 6speed clutchless sequential shift manual gearbox.
    - Twin mode electro-servo power steering.
    - Fly-by-wire accelerator controls.
    - It has self leveling headlights.
    - An Apple Ipod compatible and blue tooth stereo system.
    - 5Star NCAP safety with millions of airbags !!
    - 2006 European and Italian S2000 rally champion
    - blah, blah, blah (but in reality, more things to fcuk-up in an italian car lol)

    Now imagine if I had a Piaggio MP3 !

  2. I'll be test-riding an electric one of those soon for the magazine, can't wait!
  3. supernego and I are taking them for a test ride to get a free vespa shirt or Piaggo sun-cap ! :grin:

    We'll be giving the sun-cap to Marlon though to be a Valentino Rossi lookalike . . . . :rofl:
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    :shock: :shock:
    (by the way, talking out of experience, that back tyre is now bold!!)