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Piaggio MP3 250 or 400?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by kevinnugent, Dec 31, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I have the opportunity to buy either a 250 or 400 Piaggio MP3.

    There are pros and cons to each. The 250 is slightly older, has 25k on the clock but is cheaper and available now.

    The 400 is about 8 hours drive away, costs about $1.3k more but has only 3.5k Klms on it. It would be 2 to 3 weeks wait.

    What would you do? Be patient and spend more, or grab the bird in the bush now?
  2. Pro & cons:
    If you'll be riding a lot, then get the new one.
    Also, the great thing about 'new' is that you are guaranteed that everything will work & running costs will be low (no need for new tyres or components) at least for the first year, regardless of the milage you might put onto it.

    I don't know of the performance difference between the 250 & 400 variants. But seeing how you are intrested in buying into scooters, I would imagine that either would fill the same role you intend on using it for.
  3. I guess that's what I'm asking. I'm new to riding bikes this century, so am unsure of the difference between a 250 and a 400. (Smart arses will say 150 :)). My head says wait and grab the better one and pay more, but my impulsive nature may kick in tomorrow if I see a cheap bargain.

    The older bike has had new tyres fitted and just had the 25k service. So, it's a quandry.
  4. I'd guess the larger capacity one would be more comfortable on the highway with a better chance of passing cars. Are they the same size apart from the engine?
    If so you'd think the larger engine would be the sensible choice.
  5. Geez. Both those articles are pointing me toward the 250! :)
  6. Yeah, the snappier handling and lighter weight of the 250 seem to be a good counter to the extra grunt of the 400.
  7. Thank you, Peter. You seem to have made the decision easier. My wallet and I thank you! :)
  8. I'd agree with that. I've ridden both and found the 250 more fun. But the 400 is a little more relaxed at highways speeds. Both can benefit from an exhaust change to breathe a little better without being too noisy, but leave the induction side as is. Piaggio makes very constrictive exhaust systems for all its brands. Then there are variator weights to play with... :sneaky:
  9. Good to have it confirmed, BB Man. Thank you. This time tomorrow i'll either be excited or crying. :)
  10. A friend of mine is a scooter expert and could advise about getting an MP3 running at its best. Let me know if you want his input.
  11. Thanks mate, I shall yell. Initially, I'm sure it'll be more than enough for me to play with.
  12. Just about to meetup with a private seller of a bike I've been eyeing for a while. A 250cc Piaggio MP3. Any last words of advice?

    Oh, with regards to title, in Qld will a PPSR search guarantee title?

  13. I appreciate the info in things like that, but the links appear to be slightly wrong, and the images in the articles are dead (I suspect as a result of a site update)
  14. Select the top link, there is a list of articles on the left side.

    Works for me.
  15. Thanks Chillidog. Home now. I can read all about what I may have done wrong! :)
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  16. So you bought the 250?

  17. Oh, I worked it out, it just seems odd that it doesn't go straight to the article when the link is clearly trying to.