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Piaggio launches 3-wheeled scooter

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Gromit, May 13, 2006.

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  2. That'd give you confidence in fron end grip considering you have basically just doubled the foot print of the front tyre!!!
  3. kinda interesting... i guess it would stop me scraping the centre kick stand when corning on lef handers on the vmoto....

    wonder if it will meet ADR's ??
  4. heheh it looks quite comfy!
  5. I'm not usually into three-wheel machines or bikes with roofs and other such weird combinations, as I consider them the worst of both worlds... but I'm pretty sold on this one! The concept, anyhow. How well it will work in practice I guess only practice can tell :)
    They now have an official website, http://www.mp3.piaggio.com/index_eng.html - have a look at the videos! Sound might be in Italian, but the video speaks for itself. I wonder if they will be imported to Australia - I'd love to take one for a test ride!

    Speaking of Piaggios, their new X8 model looks pretty cool, as well:
    Check out these Piaggio technicians - I totally want to work at Piaggio!
  6. i read something on scootersales.com.au about them and they met ADRs and beacause of the width ther considererd a two wheeler registration wise
  7. I wonder if you would get away with parking this on the footpath.....
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  9. I was talking recently to Ray Newland (motorcycle guy with the FCAI) and he said that it was the most fun machine he's ever ridden - Bearing in mind that Ray has ridden many different bikes and gets to ride most of the new ones, it's an interesting observation.

    He also said that the handling and braking was amazing. Apparently you can fling it around over tramlines, cobblestones etc. absolutely fearlessly.

    Ray said it's currently undergoing ADR stuff and should be available in the next quarter. There's also a new 400 version coming out in Europe late this year. If it gets imported it'll be available early next year.
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  11. photos didnt show up for me so quoted and played with the link.

    nifty looking machine that is!
  12. its interesting, but probably purely novelty value for me.