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piaggio goes hard... kindof

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wheeler84, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. I was just chasing one of these things:
    up a series of well graded tight corners with virtually no straight road in between on the argh argh, and was quite amused to find that it was pretty damn fast! There was a photographer waiting around one corner and took a photo of the trike and then me a moment later.

    now i'm not saying that i'm an awesome rider (i've done about 7,000km in my entire life, all in the last 6 months) but I love this bit of road and reckon i'm not too shabby at it... perhaps utilising about 70% of my bikes optimal performance.

    Are we going to see stoner hooning around on a 3 wheel bike? Then again, I guess it gets complicated when you want to lean really hard.
  2. That scooter has received good reviews generally. But as far as 'going hard' let's clarify that you mean 'going hard for a scooter' ..... it would be standing still compared to a big bore bike.
  3. Not on a dodgy bumpy road it wouldn't, nor if its raining/wet/leaves/etc :wink:
  4. still gay.
  5. let me just clarify my "chase" lasted about 90 seconds as the trike pulled over and headed back again... so no opportunity for me to compare acceleration, but purely around the corner it did "alright".

    I haven't done my reading but why would the trike be any worse on a bumpy/wet road than a two wheeler?
  6. Yeah I reviewed one for Gizmag. It canes in the corners. I'm hanging out to test the 500cc Fuoco, these things are a riding experience like nothing else. Find a set of tight twisties Kursed, and come get thrashed by a scooter, then we'll see who's gay.
  7. i think the point is it would be better
  8. I just can't stand to look at it. it hurts my eyes.
    it might ride really well. I have yet to see one in motion - just seen it at a show....

    I will modify it to - 'looks gay' :LOL:
  9. Doesn't matter if it beats a turbo hyabusa, its still gonna be the king of gay.
  10. well spotted... I would argue that i've done better looking turds than this trike though.
  11. just out of interest loz, how did you go in the review of the looks dept. of the piaggio?
  12. he used to own a hornet......so looks can't be that important to him
  13. Yeah I don't really care about the looks of bikes, so that's not a factor for me. It's all about the giggle factor and how much it makes me want to do hooligan things.

    So let me see, you think it's "gay" because it doesn't look pretty enough for you. Hmm. Good to see that raving heterosexuals like yourself care so much for your appearance. :LOL:
  14. :rofl: Quick, too the point, hilarious :rofl:
  15. get over it mate - if you only wrote about the ride and not about the obviously love-or-hate looks, you probably did a half assed review.

    Looks are always going to be a big factor in what bikes people buy. It won't be the whole deciding factor but it will be a part of it!
  16. <------------ its not gay !

    It has character !
  17. :rofl: :rofl:
  18. Sorry, next time I'll be sure to include a "does my bum look big in this" section for all you metrosexuals.
  19. :rofl: