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PI Track Days in May

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FormerUser3, Apr 30, 2007.

  1. Seems that the PI Track Days is growing some popularity, so here are some of the dates for May.
    It's also into cheap track day season at $179.00.

    Monday, 7th of May, 2007
    Monday, 14th of May, 2007
    Tuesday, 15th of May, 2007

    I am all booked in for the 15th May, just hope it's not too wet. There will be a few netriders down there, so come on all junkies, get down there.

  2. I wanted to do the 15th, but work committments dictated otherwise. At present I am a strong candidate for the 14th May.
  3. I'm booked in for the 15th
    Its going to be a hoot,
    I'm taking a cut lunch, so I don't get hungry on the way round :grin:
  4. I am booked in for the 15th. The Blade is readied for sale, so it's the Tuono for me. It has a lap timer built in, so need need for the Ultra. The problem with the ones with the sender units is you need to place (hide) the trigger box somewhere.
  5. Hey I know where you can hide your trigger box :LOL:
  6. You are a bad bad girl.... :p
  7. Well, I managed to wangle my way into booking into the 15th (not going on the 14th now).

    cejay, is that offer for bringing an extra 20l of BP 98 octane fuel still open?

    As for the Ultra lap timers, there almost always seems to be a beacon for that brand set up by the 2nd session. Most people who have them don't even own a beacon, and simply rely on one of the regulars to stick a beacon on the track somewhere.
  8. Yup, not a problem. Consider it packed.
  9. Fantastic! Cheers & thanks!
  10. I'll be there.
  11. Would love to be there but the 10r decided to go around broadford upside down last sunday :cry: :cry:
  12. Bugger.
  13. Nervously watching the weather.

    Elders Weather Forecast for Phillip Island for Tuesday 15th is a 60% chance of rainfall, of amount less than 1mm. Predicting rather strong winds of 40kph.
  14. Hopefully weather is holds out for u guys on tuesday.
    Skrufer(chris) and myself are planning to go on moday, all depending on organising a few little things like tyres and race suit repairs.

    Just a quick question for thoses people that have been before. Took the headlight out of my bike, and covered it up with a piece of plastic, and then covered in duct tape, do u think the official will let my bike through??

  15. No worries. I have two holes in my fairing where the previous owner had headlights fitted, now they are just holes! I used to tape them up but since the tape shat itself its just the holes.
  16. Last one 4 me 4 this time of the year , will be looking foward to ending the run of track time off well.

    Do them lap imers come in a long play version. :LOL:
  17. The weather is looking good for Monday and improving for Tuesday :grin: