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PI Track day - The next Generation

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Bangr, Nov 20, 2006.

  1. Howdy All

    Well the day for another track day comes closer, heading down tue am for a wed track day. The usual stuff for me , to much gear , to much time spent on the bike , nervous already . Bike is ready , all the tools ect packed , just have to get the gear ready in the morning and load the Duke up in the van.

    trailer is ready to go (this is were the next generation comes in) This time I am honored to be joined by the up and comers . Little Ed and Goosh are coming with me for there first day , we are also joined by a few others some of you would know (Phil) and a few from that group . Looking foward to some track time with them boys and learning a few things of them (if i can keep up).

    We are going all out , Vans , trailers , rent a crowd (yes that rights we are taking our own spectators). Will have to keep the key out of the ignition as I am sure a few of them would be very tempted to steel a bike and do a few laps.

    I am looking foward to many a (did you see) and (oh my fcuking god) comments (they will all be from me ).

    I think that the guys are taking there 250's down there is a credit to them , I will be so jelous of them wed , the buzz you get on your first outing on the track can never be replaced , and I wish tem all the best of luck and fun.

    On a more serious note , getting more and more comfotable on the Duke and intend on trying to push things along a llittle this outing , some of you would be aware how comfotable I am on the bike and I am hoping this will help me at the island, haver never been so intouch with a bike I have owned and think we will both have a ball on wed , or will at least give it a huge go. second time out on the Dunlop Qualifiers and hope this will help my confidence . Not expecting a huge improvment , but would hope to be going as quick if a little quicker and doing it easier.

    Good weather forcast (thanks VTR for the sacrafice again) , but will take down a box of silk white virgin goats with me just incase , it is PI.

    I am looking foward to a great day , a day of laughter and fun as we always have , and most of all coming home with everything in one piece.
    I think the youngens will have a ball and I am trully honoured to be with them on there first of many track days.

  2. where's the pics of the sexy pit crew???? hehehehe

    u guys will have a ball, i'm soooo jealous. i'll see if i'm not working i'll try and come down and cheer u guys on!

    have fun! :cool:

    ehehe Thanks Bren im tired excited and cant wait. Been getting all my gear ready. This is gonna be cool. Well of to sleep. Will post guys when its all be said and done. Cheers


  4. Wish I could be there with you guys... you'll have a great time [/so jealous]

    Looking forward to seeing the footage :cool:

    Talk to you Wednesday night for the full ride report

    Don't get too c0cky guys, keep the rubber side down & the shiny side up
  5. thanks for that bren, i'm buzzing just thinking about it, cant wait, wish everyone going all the best and see you all out there on the track.
  6. Wish I was coming along... I'm getting rather addicted to this track day stuff!!

    Newbies, I can totall recommend the cornering courses held by superbike school. The correct answer is "yes, I can afford the $399". make the sacrifice... it's worth it.

    Anyhow, have a fab day all!

    And Bangr, hope you gain the seconds you're looking for.

    Ciao for now.

  7. Grump, grump, grump, I wanna go :( Have fun you newbies, kiss your wallet good bye, ha ha ha ha haaaaaaa :wink:
  8. +1 ya lucky basards. I have to work but I'll be thinking of you. :( :)
  9. Too true. I gotta get me some more OT at work.

    Have fun kids. Hope that notorious PI weather holds up for you. If I were to come down and watch for a while whats the go with spectating? Can you access the track grounds or do you have to watch through the fence?
  10. A couple of laps to warm up the tyres and remember to breathe...

    Have fun y'all.
  11. Thanks all , had to work this morning pre going down , could not sleep at all last night , will be stuffed tngt . will give you all a report thur some time.

    Bren :cool:
  12. Have a great time guys :grin:
  13. Have a ball guys, I'm really looking forward to having a crack at Phillip Island some time.

    Go hard!
  14. Mark surveys the carnage that used to be his favourite goat Clarence and sighs...

    I have done all that I can to please the weather gods.

    Pull the finger out and have a tops time mate.

  15. we all going to have a great day-- will be good to get out there and get some footage of ya guys-- well done to PHILL for organsing this track day -
  16. +1..... I might just drop in there for a look tomorrow morning. :) Will just ride past and see if the gates are open. :)
  17. There, fixed that for ya. I've seen your instructional website matey. ;)
  18. :LOL: :LOL:

    Very nice mate. I tip thy torque wrench at thee.
  19. Have a great day Bren :grin:

    Look forward to hearing about it.
  20. I gave Brendan a wave today as I left the circuit....Looked a bit confused, recognised the beaming idiot in the car (me) and waved and smiled. Have a bloody great time guys!