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PI Track Day - Fri 16th March 07

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by [FLUX], Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Okay, for the 3rd time I'll ask it.

    Is anyone from Netrider heading on down to the Superbike School track day on this date?
  2. And for the 1st time I'll reply.

    Nope. Moving house that day.

    Gotta do it some day though, before I get too old and have to by a Harley or something...
  3. so tempting :cool:
  4. If I could get out of work Friday I would be there for sure, who said working for yourself is easy, I am still working at bloody midnight lately and just jump on netrider while I have a 5 min break.

    Have a great day on Friday Stew, I will be thinking of you, ya lucky bastard :(
  5. Thanks. I think I might end up dodging rain for half the day though.
  6. Hooking up the camera to ya bike? :cool:

    Whats going on? Its been a few wks since your last clip. :roll:
  7. Have a great day Cathar! I'd cross my fingers and hope it doesn't rain but I'd be the only one on the island doing it!
  8. Probably not helped in that I haven't ridden for 3 weeks due to going to the USA and back for work.

    Back in the country now.

    Picked up a cheap helmet cam to add a different element to the vids. Will have something up when I can.

    PI doesn't allow video cameras on bikes at the track. :(

    Went for a ride today. No vids though - just picked up bike from getting serviced - and so didn't have camera installed. Bike is smooth as silk now.
  9. just put the cmeras on after scrutineering.. they dont check.
  10. Tank camera on a mount is rather obvious - and will be picked up by the guys at track entry.

    The helmet cam, I could hide it on the bike in another location, but I took a quick look and there's no convenient mount points. Will have to make something up, but am out of time.

    Rain's stopped now - will head off in half an hour. Will miss the first session - but meh. Would rather ride on a dry track with these Supercorsa Pro's.
  11. Oops - long report - I'm excited though...

    Left late. Missed the first 2 sessions. Track was still damp and there was a light drizzle when I arrived, but it was an hour before the next session was due to start. It cleared up enough, and the patches of water on the track dried out by the time I was up next.

    First session (for me) went as first sessions normally do - which is spending time getting oneself up to speed, and generally riding around like a numpty. Still some light hazy mist. Nothing to be concerned about traction wise, but visor kept fogging heavily.

    Second session, and I decided to practise winding on the throttle earlier and more strongly. Wasn't watching my time - just playing around. Fairly lonley. I entered the track first in the queue, and no one went by me. 4 laps before the end of the session and I saw some guy on an Aprilia RSV1000 disappear at the end of the main straight just as I was enetering it, and so the chase began. By the time the chequer flag got waved for the end of the session, I was about 3 secs behind him. Had a chat to him afterwards, and he had a lap-timer on, and was doing 1:52's, and I had been hauling him in fairly quickly.

    Third session, and I focus even more on throttling on early. A couple of corner I run into a little hotter than I intend to, and find that there's still quite a deal more lean that the bike is capable of. It's a hard habit to shake - being the shift from road to track - to finding out the actual lean limit. In any event - this is something I resolve to explore later - for now I'm focusing on throttling on hard and early. Bars are waving in my hands out of Southern Loop, Honda, Siberia, MG, Copse (Turn 11), and Turn 12. Once again I started out first in the group, and once again no one was passing me - mind you there was probably only about 6 of us on the track.

    After a few laps, I started paying attention to my times, by watching the large seconds indicator on the digital watch on my handlebars. 03 -> 53 -> 43 (damnit - missed the short-shift out of MG) -> 35 -> 25 -> 15 -> 04 -> 53. Wait a minute - that would mean that I'm now doing times of 1'49"! Pull in, absolutely chuffed. First time I've ever gone under 1'50.

    Fourth and final session, and it's just me and the guy on the Aprilia on the track. I decide that since the track is near empty, that I can play around with various lines through corners, and focus on improving my body weighting and posture coming out of Siberia so I can get better drive. Found a good line through Southern Loop that had me hitting 4th gear about 50m earlier than I normally do on the approach into Turn 3. Getting tired now though, and so don't push quite as hard, but continue playing with the lines. Nothing spectacular to report. As I exited Honda I could see the guy on the Aprilia level pegging me in terms of his approach towards Honda for a few laps. I decide to put in a bit more effort and after a few laps see that he's now entering Turn 3 as I'm approaching Siberia. We finish up, and he tells me that he had fun trying to chase me down, and he himself had set his personal best time of a flat 1m52s with regular mid 52's. I have no idea what my times were - I was just "relaxing" and having fun playing around.

    Aside from missing the first two sessions, I had a fantastic day. Definitely one of my most enjoyable track days, and I think it's 'cos there were so few people there. I felt totally free to just relax, play around, and focus without worrying about overtaking others, or being distracted by the racers buzzing by as happens on some of the busier days. Overall, it was a fantastic day - easily the most productive for me in terms of getting the most out of it, and just having a crap load of fun without really worrying about lap times or anything (aside from the third session where I was using the times to spur myself on harder and harder with the throttle).

    Lots of things to work on. Improving throttle-on yet more. Improving my braking and entry into MG. Improving my line through Turn 11 & 12. Solidify the gains I made with Southern Loop, Siberia and the following corners. Once I get comfortable with that, I'll work on my corner speeds some more. I was very impressed by the bike's stability at lean angles I've never achieved before today on those corners I ran through a little hot.

    What a blast!
  12. Great/interesting report to read there Cathar. Eagerly wanting to make such
    a trip. Would be good to meet up with you one time & go together.

    :cool: on getting helmet cam.

    You get it from this mob? http://www.helmetcameras.com.au/

    Bullshit you are. [​IMG]

    Don't even think about it [​IMG]

  13. No. Got one of these: Click Here

    All self contained. Picture quality is a little grainy though. Okay if shooting at 640x480, and then reducing that down to 320x240 size. Fits on side of helmet, which I'd like to do for showing where I'm looking. Otherwise, I think I'll just mount it as a rear facing camera for the most part.

    Oh, so judging by your reaction, you're already quite happy with my entry style, and don't want me to change a thing, eh? :twisted: :LOL:
  14. [​IMG]

    Shhhhhhhhhhh.. 8-[


    Hey, with you mounting the camera at the rear, can you also use the front
    cam, & merge the two into a split screen style fashion showing back & front
    views at same time?
  15. Yep. Sure can.

    Want to do that too with it in helmet mode. Have the tank-cam with a split-screen view of where I'm looking. Figure that it might be helpful for some as I'm always rabbitting on about looking through corners even before entry.

    Other than that, yeah - can do a split-screen front/rear view quite easily with the editing software.
  16. [​IMG]

    Will be good to see the clip once you've done it all. [​IMG]