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PI to Yass in one day....possible????

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by I Adore Vic, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Hey all. Next weekend (Queen's Birthday wknd) I'm thinking of jumping on the bike (hopefully the NEW bike ;) ) and heading from here to Yass via Healesville...Mansfield - Whitfield...Granya....Murray River rd...Tumbarumba.

    I'll be leaving as soon as the youngest gets on her school bus at 8am and will be stopping approx every 150km for fuel and a short rest/meal break.

    Hope to spend the night in Yass and then do the return trip back to the Island on the Saturday....must be home by 10pm.

    What I'm asking is whether people think this is possible to do in one day or not. I've no problems sitting on the bike for extended periods...especially for this particular weekend (ex is getting married - yep I'm over him but yep I'm feeling 'funny' about it). A woman on a mission - a mission to completely wipe her brain of anything to do with anything but riding.

    I've ridden from the Island to Tintaldra in one hit before but it was dark when we arrived. I'm hoping to cut down on break times - spend more time riding and less smoking/eating.

    So, can PI to Yass be done in one day? :?
  2. Yep. Keep your bum on the seat and the gas turned on.
  3. How long do you think it'd take MVRog? Not taking breaks into account.
  4. Impossible to say, but it will be hard to do unless you are commited.
  5. Yeah .. can be done in one day no probs.

    I did Mount Martha to Canberra straight up the highway to Yass then Canberra in about 9-1/2 hours with fuel/coffee stops and one meal stop without any probs.

    My old Eliminator is pretty comfy though .. I was a bit tired from the ride but not sore.

    Regardless of what your seat is like, if you can find a bit'o'dead-sheep, (sheepskin), to toss over the seat it'll make a difference too.
  6. No reason why not, but dont expect a fun ending to the ride unless you're on a wing or something.

    I remember my first 3 state non stop jaunt (Belgrave to Melbourne to Canberra), on a fairingless 250cc bike. Not much fun at all.

    If I could do it on that slow old heap in about 7 hours then you should be no worries.

    Of course I didnt smoke though......
  7. Thanks for that link Birdrock...I got my proposed route up there no problems.

    Was looking at PI to Healesville - Mansfield - Whitfield - Wodonga - Bullioh - Granya - Walwa - Tumbarumba - Yass.

    Typed that into the program and it came back saying 11hrs. :-k

    My other option is to do the same route but instead of trying for Yass, set up camp at Khancoban for the night...that gives me the chance to head down Alpine Way to Thredbo and back before heading home via Murray River rd - Whitfield - Mansfield etc etc.

    I'm pretty certain I'll be on the new bike VTR250 and coming straight from a virago and not being used to the new style, perhaps gunning it all the way to Yass is a bit much to expect. If I choose the latter option I can take it relatively easy whilst still playing on the fun rds. :)

    I'm also thinking it's not such a good idea to be riding during dusk/darkness along that rd to Tumbarumba and Yass.

    So will probably head for Khancoban instead. :)

    slow suzuki - 7hrs!!! What way did you go though?
  8. Ummm Rosie, Queens birthday is 11th of June???????????
  9. :rofl:

    *whacks self in head*

    :LOL: :LOL: :oops:


    Dunno where I got that from! :? haha! They're still getting married nxt wknd though and I'm still heading off next wknd but!
  10. Wow that's a long ride in one day...

    What's up in Y'ass :rofl:
  11. If you're going next weekend then cool. :grin:

    If you're going on Queen's b'day there's some caution required. That would be ski season opening, so some roads will be busy up there. More importantly, I have had snow on the Mansfield-Whitfield road often and even at lower altitudes around the Benalla region with zero warning. The weather report can say snow at 1800m (or it might say no snow) and without a hint, you can suddenly be skiing a bike at 1000m an lower. :? What's worse is that when everything's white, wombats can't tell the difference and wander over the road like they own the fcuking place. :shock: Weather in the alps changes with the blink of an eye. All this unexpected ice, wind, rain and hail makes for a rewarding challenge but it helps to prepare for the worst. :wink: Of course, by preparing for the worst, if it doesn't get that bad then you'll feel like you had a great day. :grin:
  12. Did you lose a gerbil? :rofl:
  13. Sounds like a solid ride rosie, when me and mel left Bright it took us the good part of 8hrs to get home.....but that was going the twisty way home :wink:
    When your heading that way make sure you do the Granya pass (excellent, but be carefull) and there is a top coffee place in Walwa (its green, and is called a cafe but he sells indian food and coffee :grin: on the right hand side as you enter the town).
    Good luck
  14. I went the doom dieway and wasnt travelling at 100kph either.

    The estimated travel time is 8:16, which would probably be about right.

    Canberras probably 60-70km past yass, but then again Phillip Island is about the same past belgrave.
  15. You should be ok.
    You seem to do a few kms here and there!.

    Did Ferntree Gully to Gosford in the first day of my little ride in Feb.
    Even went the long way up the princes highway.

    Just remember to stop often enough to stretch the hands, legs and brain !.

    years ago I can remember riding all day on a dirt bike (around australia in 3 weeks on a 400 traily) and when it came time to slow down, my hands didn't work, and I was in all sorts of trouble from the vibration.

    Ended up in the dirt in fits of laughter!
  16. with all these people suggesting long rides maybe we should do a netrider iron butt ride?
  17. Now why does that appeal to me? :LOL: I would so TRY to do that...if I had three wks and a 400 traily.
  18. Not wanting to hijack the thread - but yeah, I'm thinking about organising some sort of epic ride at the end of the year (around Chrissie time) when I'll be kid free for 4 weeks. Hoping to do perhaps a 2 week tour (or more?), destination not set at this point, but thinking about perhaps doing Melb to Tassie, and basically ride around Tassie, and then up North to QLD and back to Melbourne. Sound like fun? :grin:

    Will probably post soon for input on destinations/route/interest :) Just need some confirmation from the ex as to when exactly she is taking the kids overseas for that 4 week period so I can organise dates for an epic ride!
  19. Hello Rosie,

    Looks like I'll be in Yass that weekend as well. I'm going by car though! I wouldn't want to do that treck in a day and back the next day, way toooo long for me. Mt. Martha to Canberra (45min past Yass) has taken me 8 hours at best. Straight up the Hwy, in a car with cruise control. Also, the concrete roads in NSW absolutely EAT your tires!!!

    Anyhow, knowing you, you'll make it. If you're stretched for accom, I'm sure I can find a comfy place for you.

    Hope you're well,