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PI Superbike School query

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by bluemuppet, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. Hey Gang,

    Booked in for Level 1 on the 18th and really pumped.

    Planning on using my own gixxer for the day, and I had a look through the scrutineering list. It doesnt specifically state anything about exhausts needing to be within a certain sound level. However, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that bikes have to be roadworthy. And, uh, I'm fairly sure my slipon termi exhaust would fail a noise test. I did have the original pipe but some bastard stole it out of my apartment car park so short of going to a wrecker I can't put one on for safe measure.

    I emailed them with this question except I was emailed back the scrutineering list that I have already seen, so I'm asking here because I'm sure someone has been in this situation.

  2. dont worry about it. you'll be fine.

    i had the same query (re: slip on not being road worthy) when i took my R1 to the track for the first time. by road worthy condition, they mean it's mechanically safe. they're not to fussed on the noise unless you're on a race bike with no muffling whatsoever!
  3. Thanks Sheppo,
    I know Broadford has a noise limit, so thought that PI could be the same...
  4. I was worried about the same thing as i have a home made shorty that makes a nice pop from time to time. That was until i got to track and heard a guys old trumpy with a straight thru coming down the straight.
    fkn loud doesn't even describe it properly. :wink:
  5. Sucked in for anyone within a 10km radius when I hit the track with my shorty gianelli! :grin:

    I'd say you'll be fine. There is a limit of 102db or similar, but its not part of pit inspection, more of a 'hey my ears are bleeding when that guy comes past, lets test him'. Thats how I understand it at least.
  6. You're not wrong. They're great to see when on track, but sharing garages with historics all day can be more than a little upsetting.
  7. I got told I was too loud and couldn't continue riding at Broadford, but have always been fine at PI.

    I will be there on the 18th also!
  8. they scrutinise but not in the same way as track days. Ie they don't get you to take your bike through a garage.

    they just have a squizz at it outside whilst you're having your first lesson.

    I'm there on the 18th as well for level 2.

    hopefully this time i'll remember to concentrate on the exercises instead of cruising about enjoying the track...

    was a good day though and well worth it. Definately got a bit nippier round yon Island after the day.
  9. Thanks for the replies, guys.

    See you there I guess!
  10. oh yeah, and the man himself, the one and only, Keith Code should be there.

    woo...all giddy and starstruck.

    reckon i could get round the outside of him though.... ;)
  11. You will have a ball. I did it in 06 and learnt heaps and had a great day. It is a full on day to the point where you really don't have time to pee in between classes and on track time but none the less sooo worth it and would recommend it to anyone. I can't wait to go back and do Level 2.

  12. I did it with my Gixxer which has a yoshi pipe that is bloody loud!!!! You will have no problems.
  13. Just curious, how long have you been riding or how long do most wait before doing this?

    I'd like to do this before I come off restrictions to get some experience on a bigger bikes and to learn some more skills before stepping up to a bigger bike.
  14. I've been riding for over 2 years now, with experience on larger capacity bikes.

    Keep in mind the Superbike school is racecraft, not road craft. You're riding style will change with a larger capacity bike, so I imagine the day will be more beneficial to you if you get used to a 'big bike' first. Otherwise you will be too distracted with just riding the bugger let alone trying to put theory into practise. However, if you can do the superbike school on the 250, then do it whenever!

    Maybe a more appropriate course would be a HART intermediate course - as it teaches you road craft for those thinking of upgrading or returning to riding. I'm pretty sure they offer a hornet 600 to do the course on for the day. However you probably won't get over 50kmh in their car park course, hehe.

    Edit, link: http://www.hondampe.com.au/repository/motorcycles/training_licensing/vic_courses/intermediate.aspx
  15. Do the HART course first.

    It'll teach you the 'core' skills that you can then expand on in the Superbike Course...and not at 260kmh..

    (to qualify myself, i've done both)

    Phillip Island is a very fast track..one of the fastest in the world.... I've watched people lap it on the Superbike Course trying to learn the track and the lessons at the same time.

    not the most effective way, and fairly painful to watch. (there's also people (a very small minority) who do CSS to almost prove to themselves that they don't need it. Seriously. You don't want to have them hooning past you if you're not confident about what you're doing)

    Do the HART/ Stay Upright courses on your 250.

    Do some track days to get used to track riding when you get a bigger bike.

    ...then do the Superbike School.

    walk, run.

  16. Thanks for that, sounds good/logical.

    I'll look into it shortly.
  17. I did the HART intermediate course on their 600 hornet before I upgraded to a 650. Picked up heaps. Did their Advanced I course at Calder last year (in the pits rather than on the track) and I'm booked into the Advanced II at Broadford next month. Superbike School after that. Like the progression through the HART courses. Similar skills but faster as you advance. (They no longer have the wall of death :( )
  18. I'm booked in for the 18th too and cant wait! I dreamt last night I was running late for it and was so stressed

    The weather is looking fine too - woohoo
  19. You guys should come along to the track day at Broadford on Sunday Feb 1. It'll be low key & low cost.