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PI Superbike School and Swann Insurance

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dmalcantara, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know if swann insurance would cover the Superbike School?

    I found this on their policy:

    What you are not insured for:
    - was being used or tested in preparation for any motor sports or used on any motorcycle track. This does not apply where you are participating in an approved rider training course provided:
    - the rider training course is conducted by an established business, and
    - the business conducting the rider training course is accredited or approved by the relevant State or Territory traffic authority, and
    - the rider training course is conducted on private property, which is used solely for the purpose of rider instruction.

  2. you could call to confirm but last I heard about this, the "approved by the relevant traffic authority" means that the people providing training must be accredited to issue licences.

    If that is correct, then no CSS isn't covered.
  3. not for superbike school

    more for stay upright courses
  4. Thank you guys. So I should consider to rent their bike ..
  5. QBE will cover CSS level 1 only
  6. if u drop their bike, isnt the excess 5 grand?
  7. They mentioned a maximum repair cost per bike of $4500
    Sounds expensive but it's limited at least.

    I will think about. I haven't heard about many accidents on level 1 anyway :)
  8. 2 guy's wrote the CSS bikes off on the weekend that I did the course. A guy wrote off one on the Saturday then one on the Sunday - true story.
  9. A lots of pos and cons. Maybe riding your own bike you won't push as hard as on the CSS one
  10. Ha, you obviosuly haven't done a track day yet :)
    After doing each lap you WILL want to go faster and faster - regardless of who's bike you are on. It's enevitable...........you are riding on one of the best tracks in the world and tipping into turn 1 & 2 after coming off the straight you'll have a grin that may possibly breach your helmet.
  11. or poo that may possibly breach your leathers

  12. :rofl: made my day
  13. Saw an instructor toss one into the kitty litter at the end of the main straight...looked like it was in some pieces.

  14. Oh...and make sure you tell your on track instructor exactly what you want from them when you first meet.

  15. Im with swann and when I took out the policy I was told I was not covered if I took the bike onto a track unless it was for a riding course. I assumed this meant superbike school. Your best bet though is to call swann and check, and try and get it in writing if it is covered.
  16. Nope not covered been down this track