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PI shoot out - No Show v O Show - pics

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Oct 15, 2008.

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  1. Well Netrider cookie99 has challenged me to a duel at the Island, he somehow thinks that if he blows me off at the Island that he is better qualified to advise learner riders than I (or anyone else too I think).

    Personally I don't think it makes any difference how fast you are on the track and I don't profess to know all, nor do I expect others to preach like they know all.

    So if others would like to come down for a ride on the track, maybe you might prove to the cookie monster that you should be the learner advisor?

    Cup Day, Nov 4. (Edit, oops sorry)

    Flame suit on, bring on the banter :LOL:
  2. It is the only honourable thing to do. But it's November 4 not feb right?

    Can I suggest a friendly wager is in order? Nothing more than you're prepared to lose of course JO, this fellow is an ex racer according to his introduction. Perhaps a slab of beer?
  3. Loser & pit crews have to help drink it :)
  4. Who is Cookie Monster???
  5. Well that should be an interesting day... Cookie has spouted "let's go behind the shelter shed" threats many times on NR...

    Have a good 'un JO.
  6. Has he really Rob, thanks mate :)
  7. Would be an interesting day . alas I'll be on the Gold Coast :cry:
  8. dammit if i don't head away now, i am coming down to the island i gotta see this :grin:
  9. Oh shit - is Nov 4 a public holiday?? If so...I will definitely be there for this. :grin:
  10. Oh god I love a good old duel!!!!!! I don't care if it's rain or shine I'll be there!!!

    Can we all organise cheerleaders, pom-poms and potentially merchandising??
  11. Not sure about the pom poms, but the cheerleaders should be fine. Can we have a minimum dress code as well?
  12. Go Go Johnny O
  13. Johnny just remember on the race track you should probably take your lights and mirrors off incase you fall over.....if i think of any other tips i will let you know.

    also just remember its like riding on the road....but less cars and you can go a bit faster.

    hmmm i may be on my way up to QLD that week, but if i decide not to take that week off... I am soo therem i love a duel. i volunteer for pit crew (mainly so i get to drink the beer) and if i have a bike by then may even consider going for a we punt myself.
  14. I think Johnny will need a few buddies around for moral support. I've done my best to tell him which way the track goes, but he'll need all the help he can get. Somebody told me it's a good idea to shift shortly out of turn ten, but I think that's more of an expert tip. Whatever happens JO you'll do your best and that's what matters.
  15. Is it true you need to put the left glove on first? I heard that was an essential requirement to go quick.
  16. whats an "O show"? i thought thats what i gave my girlfriend last night?

    maybe im mistaken ... shouldve paid attention in sex ed
  17. Shouldn't that be a maximum? (Maybe pom poms? :LOL: )

    Well, I'll be down there that long weekend. Can't miss this!
  18. Oh Yeah! we will be watching this too. sounds like big fun.

    GO Go JOHNNY O! :dance:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.