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PI Ride

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by nodz, Feb 21, 2005.

  1. Rode to PI yesterday. First extended ride. Mrs Nodz and kids following in car, acting as my wingmen.
    The wind buffeting passed Grantville was bad.
    At one point bike was wound out to throttle stops and I was going up hill and still only doing 84kmph.
    Trip home was quick though, bike was going along at 95-100kmph at 5.5Krevs, :LOL:
    Did the ride to get some practice in for when I ride to the Island for the SBKs.

  2. You don't need an excuse to ride to PI :D The main street of Cowes has good food and good bike related merchandise all year round...oh and I hear that there is some track out there ...it's not too impressive, so I wouldnt bother checking it out :roll: :D
  3. Rather than boring yourself stupid with the gippsland hwy you should try taking the Grand Ridge Road there and back........SOOOOO much more fun especially when it is bumper to bumper cars in peak periods along the hwy.
  4. MMMMmmm Phillip Island.... riding, track, shops and stuff
  5. CodeBlueChick, I can honestly say that I've never really been that impressed with Cowes. On the two occasions that I've eaten there, once I had the most disgusting fish and chips that I've had anywhere in Australia and the second time got food poisoning from a bowl of pasta in some supposedly refined trendy restaurant. I like some of the shops but wouldn't say they were anything to really write home about. I prefer a coffee in San Remo, several nice little coffee houses there and a great hippy clothing/bead shop that Mrs Nodz likes to visit.
  6. Well, I've can recommend the Italian restaurants in Cowes, the one down the end of the street opposite the Ise of Wight on the left and also Trattorios (sp?) which is halfway down on the right hand side. Valentino doesn't find the food completely crap there either! :wink: There are two ice cream shops and one of them has ice cream with Malteasers which is yummy (pretty hard to stuff up). The bakery at the roundabout is pretty good as well. There is excellent pub meals above the Isle of Wight, which if you brave all the perving men is worth it. There is an excellent chinese restaurant.. can't remember which one out of the two it is though.. one the locals use and the other caters specifically for the tourists. Dutchies Stone Grill apparently is great, but I've never been down there!

    San Remo by far has the best fish and chips AND the best view after a Supers/MotoGP to watch all the bikes coming home... but it has really CRAP chinese restaurant in which the service was appalling and we didn't even get our food.

    Phillip Island track itself has the BEST Gelati at race time, and the BEST Egg/Bacon rolls but its usually from the canteen at the end of the Pit :D

    As for the bike shops.. well you tell me where you can get that sort of merchandise all year round :wink: :D
  7. Yep must admit for bike gear definitely the place to go.