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PI ride day, Tue 15th Mar, who's comin?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Johnny O, Feb 4, 2005.

  1. Hi Guy's, I'm riding at an 'Aust S/bike School' ride day on Tuesday the 15th of March at Phillip Island. There are four groups: slow/learner, slow/medium, fast/medium and fast (oooooh!) there are 6 x 20 min sessions for each group. That is enough time on the track, trust me, you'll be stuffed by the end of it all :)

    Who's coming? It is $200 for the day with lunch & ambulance included. Call 03 9792 1322 to book in.

    If I can help with machine preparation advice, don't hesitate to PM me.

    O Show

  2. very tempting but i reckon i need to do one of their cornering schools first (i'm assuming that this is just a ride day) don't want to be dumping trixie first corner out
  3. Come on, everyone know's how to ride around a corner, we all just have to practise it a little more :)
  4. Wouldn't mind doing it but don't want to ride all the way down and back again on my ZX6, last time I was nearly dead by the time I got back.

    What group are you going in Johnny, fast?
  5. Thinking about it, just not sure about getting the time off and whether I'll have the readies. I'm planning on going to one soon but would prefer a w/end, that way the plan would be to stay the night before then ride home after.
  6. That's a good idea but they don't have any at the weekends at PI with SBS. Best we could do would be a Friday and stay down there Friday night (YHA is cheap), that would be a good laugh. We'd still have to take the day off but at least we could recover before riding back.

    Friday 25th March or Friday 8th April would have to be the go...
  7. Can't you borrow a trailer or ute or something? I use to ride down & back but couldn't do it now.

    I think because I am an A grade racer, they automatically put me in the 'fast' group; having a loud bike blasting past tends to worry some people and the guy's at SBS like their customers to feel comfortable out there..
  8. I would hire a trailer but our car is lacking in the tow-bar department :(

    Only other way for me to do it is to hire a small van for the day but that's going to cost $$$.
  9. how much and how many bikes would fit?
  10. I was sure they had w/end dates...?? :eek:

    What about Broadford? Anyone interested in going there? If so we can start a seperate thread to avoid hijacking this one too much.
  11. I just looked at the Buget site and it looks like about $90 for a small van, not sure how many bikes would fit but I'm guessing only 2. I'll have to go and have a look to see what they're like.
  12. I think i'll be able to make this one..... I've already got another couple of dates booked but your twisting my arm!!!
  13. Is the food really that bad?

  14. i gotta work on the 15th of march but i'm going on good friday (25th of march) anyone going then?
  15. Done booked for the 15/3/05 at PI, so I will see ya there peoples, I will most likely go up the night before and book a hotel.

  16. Hey good work Ron, it'll be good fun (as long as it isn't raining :-( )

    I'll drive down in the morning, no prob
  17. Yeah know what you mean about the rain, it was pi*#ing down last track day I had down there, but like there slogan goes (oz superbike school) “we run rain or shine, if it rains we get wet”. I was going to consider hiring one of there bikes if the access wasn’t to bad if you drop it, I changed my mind when you needed a $2500 deposit. So I hope you don’t mind me asking advice of how to set up the bike for the island.
  18. Hey, no worries, we'll hook-up well before then and we 'click' away ;-)