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PI ride day am I allowed to bring spectators??

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mini_chew90, May 2, 2010.

  1. Hey quick question
    I've been having trouble gettin in contact with PI ride day and was wondering if any of you own weather it's cool if I bring my Girlfriend and bro as there would like to come and watch??
    Cheers sorry for the dumb question

  2. Of course it is ok - you're not going to prison ya know!
  3. sweet cheers :)
  4. Be aware that they will need to stay close to the pitlane areas and on top of the roof. Cant get around the outside of the track though.
  5. Will also need to wear enclosed shoes if want to enter pit lane viewing area.
  6. ..and girls need low cut top and tinsey winsy shorts!
  7. All spectators must wear their underpants on the outside as well.
  8. all spectators should keep out of the fking way, especially in and around the pits! gets downright annoying and dangerous some times!

    i've lost count how many times i've seen spectators blindly walk across pit lane almost causing accidents, hold up people exiting/entering the garages 'cause they're too busy taking happy snaps, or simply taking over the garage and not leaving sufficient room for bikes to move in/out, up onto stands, etc.

    sorry for the rant, just been to too many days where spectators become a problem.
  9. LMAO your a ********. its just a ride day man.

  10. Astrix fail. =D>
  11. noted and noted :)
    cant wait anyone else going on the 11th
    weathers not looking good :(
  12. While we're on the topic of PI where & how will I be able to obtain tickets for next years supersport championship?

    It's the class below the wsbk.

    I'm still a PI virgin and don't know the ins & outs as yet.
  13. PI has a weather of it's own. I've had days there where the forecast has said "fine and sunny" and we spent a fair part of the day in the garage watching the rain fall. Other days it's been forecast to rain, and we've had a fine, sunny day with no wind (perfect).

    I was planning to go on the 11th but can't now due to work commitments.

    Have a fun day!
  14. Most unjustified rant ever!!

    look out folks we have a factory team rider in the forums!
  15. if i was a factory team rider i'd be complaining about the bike
  16. wrong, you'd be complaining about everything...
  17. I have to agree that spectators at ride days are a pain.

    Because it's only a ride day they think they can wander up and down pit lane and they can still get run over just as easily.

    they also tend to not be as fussy with kids wandering around.
  18. Im booked in the slow group. however forecast looks ok. 16c and chance of a shower. I last went on the march long weekend with all those thunderstorms couldnt be any worse than that.
  19. you must be a factory team rider too! glad someone else shares the same opinion.
  20. if your doing a Honda ride day you need to register any spectators on the web-site first or they will not be allowed in ""

    or so it says on the website .