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PI ride day, 9/6/08 - maxxis tyre test

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, May 27, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, Yamaha City is having a Phillip Island ride day on Monday June 9, Queens Birthday public holiday, the cost is only $170, there are a couple of spots left.

  2. Look forward to trying to keep you in sight mate... :grin:
    until turn 2 anyway
  3. Ah it's been nearly two years since I have ridden at the Island and I'll be riding my old clapped-out GSXR, shouldn't be too hard for peeps to smoke me :)
  4. That's very humble John :)

    I will be very happy if i can keep up!

    Red group here I come :grin:
  5. GSX-R1000s can become old, but they never become "clapped-out" :wink:

    I wont be doing this trackday, but i hope to come there for clicking pics :) . Will they allow us to go to sections of the track other than just the pits?
  6. Yep! :wink:
  7. I'll be testing the new Maxxis Supermaxx Presa tyres at the Island for the importers, I'll let you know how they go.

    I've been pretty keen to see how they perform.
  8. I'm happy to do some testing if they need anyone else J'O :wink: :grin:
  9. They've only slung me one set to test, otherwise it could have been. You can pick me up if they're no good :wink:
  10. I'll warm the track up for you after the IC on Sunday, though you look like you have the best of the weather.
  11. If I could afford a race licence I would ride at the IC. Have fun, don't get too wet :wink:
  12. [-X [-X [-X [-X

    No crashing on my ride days please.............. :wink:

    At least I might keep up for a couple of laps while you scrub them! :LOL:
  13. You can obtain a one event licence for an Interclub $45
  14. Didn't realize that until a couple of days ago, to late to prepare :cry:

    Because my licence has expired for over 3 months, I have to undertake a test before I can get another one, I've had a licence since 1975 !!!
  15. Tried searching for this a bit, but didnt find any answers. What do i have to do to get to the other sections?
  16. You are allowed to go anywhere on the outside of the circuit that is a general spectator area, unless it is locked off (normally as they also graze the outer areas with sheep). You are not allowed on the inside of the circuit other than the pit area.
  17. Just walk around to wherever you want to shoot from is the easiest, I think you can take your car to certain parts, but not 100% sure of that.
  18. Thanks, Cejay and Triway. Its the inside of the track i was interested in.. But i'll make do with what is allowed. I'll ask some officials also on the day. Anyone in particular i should speak to?
  19. It's explained by PI Ride Days crew. They will help you.
  20. Thanks, Cejay. See you on Sunday. Smile when you see me with the camera next to the Gardner straight :grin: