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VIC PI ride day 3/3/15 - where are all the slow guys o_o

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by highon2str, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. Finally went for my first track day on good Friday. Booked into the slow group with a mate of mine only to find that a good 80% in the slow group had full on race preped bikes complete with race fairings and tyre warmers. o_O

    There we were with headlights and road bits, almost thinking that we were in the wrong group!

    Anyway, had an absolute blast, made it (man and machine) through all 6 sessions and still felt good enough riding back home at the end of the day.

    Couple of biggish crashes in the fast group, one poor bastard got carted away by the ambos. Other than that weather was awesome and got some good pics taken by Steve the track photographer - PI is such a beautiful track!

    Found out that with 6 teeth up on the rear on the SV1K, I'm bouncing off the limiter in 6th @ 225km/h (GPS) could do with another 20 - 30 I reckon, though I managed to give the Superbikes a good run down the straight coming out of 12!

    According to the pirelli app, max lean @ 49.7° and best time of the day @ 2:15. Not a scorching lap time but very impressed with the PR3s. Ran at the advised 32psi front 30psi rear. Still plenty of life left after 30 laps! Track temp 35° and got the left side of the tyre to 51°

    Must. Do. This. Again.

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  2. So that was you bouncing..
  3. I was literally bouncing off the garage walls after each session. So physically demanding but so satisfying! Been riding road bikes for 14 yrs, can't believe it's taken me this long to do a trackday.

    Oh yeah some pics!
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  4. Yeah I remember my first time at PI, well I should, it was only late last year, and I was yelling in my helmet the first time coming into Turn 1 and Stoner Corner. Such an amazing feeling, and scary, tipping into a corner while still going quite fast.

    I think there would have been some, or a lot, of guys who couldn't get into the medium groups (booked out) so they book the slow group knowing they will be bumped up to the next level.

    You scored a perfect day weather wise I hear. Wasn't too windy?
  5. Having a set of race fairings and tyre warmers doesn't mean they're at all fast as I'm sure you found. A 2:15 is a very decent pace on your first outing at the Island. I was there a few weeks back and there was a petrified lass on her first outing doing at least a 4 min lap I reckon! I'd never before seen someone doing under 100 on the straight..
  6. Well, good to see it rubber side down.
  7. Yeah got a bit windy during the 2nd half of the day. Got a bit cloudy and initially thought it might rain but fortunately that held off. Going down the straight wide open and tucked in behind my screen wasn't actually so bad, until the time came to hit the anchors. I reckon we must have had a decent headwind at the time and to pop up from behind the windscreen and to get hit by a wall of air at over 220 km/h was like nothing I'd ever experienced.

    I can't imagine what it must be like for the GP riders at over 330km/h !!!
  8. We were there on Friday and I didn't really see anything out of the ordinary except for the 12+ crashes. I was running in Yellow group and found that it was one of the slower yellow groups I've run in. The day was maxed out in every group.
    I did ask to get bumped but they said I was in the faster few of yellow, putting me in the slower of green even though I was being held up on pretty much every lap.
    Either way, got to work on body position and lines around the track. I had already booked green for Monday and I'm damn glad I did, apart from it being the quietest track day I'd ever been to at PI, I got a tow from a mate and got to ride with faster riders.
    I'm pretty happy, beat my previous PB by about 3 seconds. Still a long way to go to be considered fast though.

  9. What sort of lap times do the guys in yellow run? I reckon there were guys in white running 2:40 - 2:00. My best lap of the day came in session 5 and was a 2:15. There were a couple of guys faster than me.

    Is there an advantage booking into yellow or should I keep booking into white until I get "promoted"?

    Being my first time there I asked about the RFID tags they stuck on our windscreens and apparently they used it to monitor lap times. Asked if we could get a print out of it at the end of the day and was told "heaps of people come to us and ask for this but due to circuit regulations we cannot do this". Apparently all they see is a leaderboard with riders swapping positions - no actual laptimes...-_-
  10. Nice cazzo what are you running now?
    I wasn't there this weekend but I scrutineered your bike last time I think. Or maybe your partners bike.
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  11. It's to do with insurance. In the future there should be a system in place that you can't book in a group your not suited too based on your previous tracking record there.
    Once that's in place it should prevent the wrong guys booking into the wrong groups causing problems.
    Mega has been known to tell people to slow down in a group who have purposely booked in the wrong group just to get a spot and then complain about not moving up.
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  12. highon2strhighon2str, probably for the first couple track days, go in white group but don't stay there for too long. It has new people in it that can be erratic and unpredictable. Bump into yellow once you're confident enough.

    jonnymacjonnymac, yeah, our bikes are pretty recognisable and most of the staff recognise the bikes from previous days and stop for a chat. I got to 1.58.08 on Monday, with some tips from a few friends.
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  13. Cazzo, I'm assuming your business paints fairings? Do you do OEM fairings or only race glass?

    And how about vinyl wraps? I'm interested in them for a makeover of my bike.
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  15. Awesome mate, anyone doing less than 2min around there is giving it a good dip!!! Well done :)
    Feel free to pick my brain about places you can find time too.
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