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PI MotoGP Weekend Houses...(FOUND)

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by FALCON-LORD, Jun 13, 2007.

  1. I thought I had worked out something for Accomidation for the PI GP, but it dried up. So... I am wondering if any one has some spare floor space for the GP weekend (If your pride can handle having a ZZR 250 in the drive) (Helps defuse the cost)

  2. Hey FL - you're welcome to stay at my place. 2km from teh track. :grin: Can either sleep in a tent (this time I'll put tents up) or crash on the floor in the house. :)
  3. Rossie you are a wonderfull wonderfull person (But we at netrider have already made you aware of this :grin: )

    I'll PM you to get details.
    Could I bags a piece of floor? (Not an issue with a tent if it works better for you.
  4. Floor piece bagged.

    Not sure if it'll be like Superbikes wknd was...so better warn you that if it is, things* could happen...

    things* = alcohol, nudey swimming, wheelies down the street and....um...that's all I remember. haha.
  5. "Things" you say???

    Sounds interesting.
    If i see any "Things" I'll keep you posted :p
  6. That sounds like fun........ :p

    Ummmmm was the "nudey" male or female? :-k
  7. Male and female :) Twas a berloody brilliant night weatherwise - if I remember correctly, it was rather warm. Great weather for sitting on the beach listening to Seany and Ktulu's guitar tunes and great weather for those who wanted to go for a swim. :)