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PI MotoGP Testing 2006

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by kiss_the_future, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Does anyone have any inside info when they are going to be testing the motoGP bikes down here at PI?. Last year it was in Feb...will it be the same time this year?

  2. Do you mean the Superbikes? If so, lots of riders testing there this week, and some more tromorrow.

    Haven't heard anything about MotoGP riders as yet though.
  3. Well i think its supposd to be secret testing...spectators are not actually allowed on the track grounds unless you go on that tour which takes you on top of the the GP paddock. I dont think its an official testing session, therefore the hush hush.
  4. my mate went last year....
    said there was a small article in the HERALD SUN..
    But you can go in still .......
  5. Was there for the the superbike school yesterday.

    In one of the pit garages they had Kevin Curtain's SuperSport R6 there. Man, it was totally beautiful in person. Sex on wheels. Got to say hello to his team and have a squizz at the bike. Had to be careful not to drool on it.

    It's the same bike as you can see in this picture.
  6. According to Wizud who spoke to me a little earlier today, he said they are testing MotoGP today at the Island. He is going to watch from outside the gates.
  7. you probably know by now but its actually an official motoGP test - Jan 31 - Feb 2 at the island.
  8. That article mentions his off.

    He crashed at Turn 8, and temporarily knocked himself out with the bike coming to a stop partially on top of him. The end of the exhaust pipe burnt a hole through this leathers and into his arm while he was unconscious. Very bad crash which he fortunately managed to recover from fairly quickly.
  9. Merely a flesh wound!!

    It quite hard to comapare AMA to WSBK due to the tire differences, but there one thing for sure is that Mladen can RIDE!!

    I would love to see him in WSBK one day, but he like to club all the American racers like baby seals too much.

    I think it may be time to post a MotoGP preview up. I will get typing.
  10. Anyone attend the testing and catch a glimpse of the action?...are you still able to participate in the tour which takes you over the track on top of the pits?

    Im thinking about going on thurs, is it worth it?