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PI Motogp here i come

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by peter-reebok, May 16, 2012.

  1. Got the leave approved from work,
    So today booked a seat in the siberia grandstand and a spot in the campground for the motogp weekend of oct 26-28 2012.

    Now lets hope for better weather than past years. Had enough of big winds and rain, and of course the mud!
  2. Last year the weather was unreal!
    You will have a ball. I don't think I will make it down this year. Next year I will be there for sure!
  3. Clearly you weren't there the year before.... was positively tropical in comparison last year!

    I am 50/50 for this year - I SO want to go though.... Always a great ride and enjoyable weekend, no matter what the weather. :)
  4. Last year was my first year. I was expecting it to be freezing.
    Although the nights were a bit chilly, it was pretty nice during the day.
    I want to go, just can get the time off work this year, nor do I have the funds.
  5. Siberia is awesome. thats where I sat last time I went to the Motogp... I also rode there from brisbane which was awesome too!

    Hopefully the cold ocean breezes arent too bad!
  6. Just make sure you don't have any skin exposed and you will be toasty warm. :)
  7. It might be a little more crowded this year, now Stoner's pulled the pin. Glad I'll get to see him ride in the flesh at least once.

    Let's see, accommodation's sorted, better see about booking tickets, while there are some.
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  8. #8 peter-reebok, May 19, 2012
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    Considering I will be riding down and camping, I probably will have a jumper and a jacket handy. Might leave the beige cardigan at home.

  9. Tickets ordered and paid for. General admission.
  10. I work in the live music industry.

    a man in a hat told me emails are going back and forth about a concert on the Sunday after the race AC/DC I shit you not
  11. yes please.
  12. Will be heading to the Island for my first MotoGP this year as well. Planning a route that will include Bell's Line to Bathurst (to meet a group) and south, taking in the snowies. Still haven't sorted accommodation, not really sure what the best option is.