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PI Monday 27th August, anyone else?

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Looks like the track bike is gonna be ready for it's first run by this weekend :dance: so off to PI I go on Monday. Anyone else keen?

  2. Hey Triway - I'm grabbing tea on teh Sunday night with G. He's doing Monday as well. If you're down on the Sunday, you're welcome to join us. Otherwise have a blast at the track! :)
  3. Thanks Rosie, but I will be making the 5am, one eye half open, drive to the Island on Monday morning though.
  4. I'm booked. :grin:
    Fingers crossed for riding weather.
  5. I am doing the 7th Sept....
  6. I'm thinking about the 7th too... :grin:
  7. Go for the 7th, there might be a certain someone else there as well.
  8. I'm hoping to get to the 7th also, finances dependant, because I'm doing sbs on the 10th Sept.
  9. I gave in. I relented. I checked the weather. I booked. Being a scummy contractor it's costing way more than the $179, but fcuk, who cares?!
  10. If i can get the bike sorted (jetting suspension), and trailer and that. I will be a goer for the 7th. If not later in the month.
  11. So you're attending on the 27th Aug.?
    What time will you be getting there?
    Tyre warmers? Garage?
  12. Yup, am now. Busy (and expensive) week.

    27th @ PI
    31st @ Broadford practice
    1/2 @ Broadford race
    7th @ PI

    In between, new front tyre, 3 days lost wages (3 * $$$$$ = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$). Do I care? :p :p

    I'll need garage and warmers, if not I'll take the fancy new generator and set up in the car park.
  13. I could be up for garage space too... :grin:
  14. Yep I am going. Will be there on the black gixxer 600 wearing back and red leathers (alpinestars). Say g'day if you see me.

  15. forecast for 25degrees! Bring sunscreen.........
  16. Have a great day guys - but then, I know you will! :grin:
  17. Fun, fun, fun.........

    That pretty much sums up the day really. Beautiful weather, conditions, scenery wasn't terrible either (don't you love it when the sun comes out).

    The track bike goes like a rocket!(shame about the pilot) but I can/will work on that.

    My experience of Cejays riding was reinforced, he's farking qik!
  18. Well, I rose at 5.00am in order to make the trip to Phillip Island. A real pity that I've had a cold since late last week, but it didn't seem to be affecting me as bad as some others (thankfully). At 8am I arrive at the circuit and catch up with Triway who's nabbed a garage for us.

    Briefing over, I have a chat with Pomy Boy and discover he's been placed in the medium fast group, whilst I was in the fast group....I thought that Kirk was probably more likely to need this group than I, so I swapped groups with him.

    First time out and I find out that someone's placed beacon somewhere in pit lane. Great, now I can see how quick/slow I am... :p

    First session, a few 2.00's and a couple of 2.02's. The gearing isn't great for Phillip Island, but I was having fun. Second session, I was in the 1.59's and 58's, unless I was behind someone. On my own, I could run these times quite ok, but getting behind someone would always add a couple of seconds to my time.

    The SV was topping out just by the start/finish line, just running further into the red line by Turn 1. Because of my lower velocity into the braking area I had to change where I should break, ending up on somewhere just after the last braking marker, one gear down, a dab of the front brake and then power out. Out of T1, I'd go down to 4th for T2, opening up and clicking 5th and then 6th through T3. I was only getting about 190 odd into Honda (Fireblade would be about 230!), down 3 gears into the T4 and drive hard out of the corner and head towards Siberia.

    I experimented with going to 4th or over revving 3rd, in the end, I stayed with 3rd. Hard out of Siberia, and up to 5th through the Hayshed and then over Lukey. I carried 5th over Lukey, the effort to change gear for the short drive over the top wasn't worth the tapping on the lever. Down 2 or 3 into MG, and then 4th and 5th through 11 and 12, selecting 6th as I go under the bridge. That's about 195kmh, reaching a max of 220 into T1.

    The SV is running a 15/46, (2 up on the rear). 45 would be the best compromise I think.

    I did 4 sessions, the cold I had finally making me decide to call it a day. I went out and took photo's of the others. Being at the track is so much better than being anywhere else!

    Thanks to Triway for holding the garage, it was really great! G, I was so happy you made some progress with your times, I can't believe I helped!! That's two people I've managed to assist now. I gotta be careful, me secrets, me secrets!

    Rosie, it's lovely seeing you pop along, soon it'll be you out there instead of us. :)
  19. Oh Boy! that was an auspicious opening to the new ride day season. I finally took some of cejay's earlier advice to move on to the next group. It made a significant difference.
    There were other secrets, but I'll leave it to cejay. :grin:
  20. Hmm..cejay...that place rocks. Can see myself getting right into it one day. Superbike school first. Planning on doing so a.s.a.p. :grin: