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PI GP - Where will YOU be watching it from?

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cookeetree, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. Found this great shot of PI from Google Earth. So, where will you be camped? Unfortunately, I'll be camped in front of the box this year...

  2. somewhere within that picture :grin:
  3. Lounge room with Plasma TV :grin:

    No 2 hr+ ride home
    No getting cold & wet
    Kitchen full of refreshments
    See the whole race, all around the circuit, with replays

    Why would you go to the track?
  4. 600 miles away, on TV.

    I must say that even without that distance, I'm with Triway :).
  5. I'm not watching it, I think I'll go for a ride :)
  6. Come on everyone, Casey needs our support, the poor guy
    ( pun intended ) needs us there cheering him on.

    He has an EGO that may be deflated if he doesn't win Sunday :?

    Plus how will you buy a "Stoner Merchandise Cap" if your not trackside SHEESH...........

  7. +1

    That is exactly It
  8. Gotta do it at least once in your life, I reckon. Hopefuly next year for me.