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PI GP - Anyone else interested?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Knightrider, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. Thinking about TRYING to book a couple of caravans on PI for the GP.

    Just wondering if anyone else is having this thought and would like to join up?

    Will start ringing around on Monday for prices and try to book something.

    Sorry Debs, but I like 5 star camping - ie: own toilet and shower facilities.... and a bed, and sleep.....
  2. Are you talking about the Supers in April or the MotoGP which isn't until October? After doing a ring around for a house for the Supers, I have actually found it's cheaper to rent a holiday house than it is to hire a caravan for the weekend.
    As for MotoGP weekend, No way will you get me out of trackside campground :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  3. yep I'm interested
  4. I'm in for moto that’s for sure, this year will be our 5th in the trackside campground and I think our tents are getting bigger and better every year.
    We normally get there early and get a spot along the fence, nothing like waking up in the morning opening the tent and seeing turn 2 with bikes zipping past. Hope to bump into heaps of netriders as I stager around with alcohol poisoning, and flipper nice to see another trackside junkie like myself :D

  5. Hey Ron, you camp near us. I'm sure you have seen the nutters in the hawaaiian shirts :oops:
  6. If you can get the numbers then go for the house option as Deb suggested. There are plenty of real estate agents that have lists of rentals available. Either that or I have had good results from grabbing numbers from shop windows in Cowes. You deal directly with the owners then :)

  7. Hey Deb, I was about 50 meters away from you guys last year. was it your group that has the billiard table and the blow up dolls? :D or was that the nortons group im thinking of
  8. That was the Nortons group (but we DID have blow up dolls and inflated palm trees on the fence). We were just near the toilet block, there are about 25 of us, and it was my bike that was towing around the back seat of an old kingswood with 1-3 guys on it :LOL: :LOL:

    Robyn, I will eamil you a copy of all the holiday rentals I have found :)
  9. October MotoGP

    Heading down to PI tomorrow (Monday, 14th). If have the time, will check out some RE agents.

    Camping sounds fun, but I'm not taking the risk of having the port-a-loo tipped over and get covered in shyte.


  10. So that was you pack of hooligans :D your going to have to give me a ride on the kingswood seat does it have airbags or do we just take one of the blow up dools for if you fall off, I think I got some footage of the guy that almost crashed the fence down running into it on race day near you guys.

    Well this year I will make sure to come by (or stagger by) and say hello
  11. Ive been going to the trackside campground for the last 6/7 years and will never stop! wsbk and motoGP :)